My list of pros and cons of using Bluehost shared and WordPress hosting services for my websites review

Have you had enough of all those brilliant Bluehost opinions, with all the perfect five star ratings? I also. Imagine reading an honest review about them. Without all the scores of five perfect stars, bias and unnecessary & useless fluff Bluehost Review

You’re probably thinking, that this here is just another one of those comments. That this is another one of those. Bluehost review Sites that rank them as number one!

No, miss, you are wrong about it. This is not another one of those. Because this here is My personal opinion, impartial and brutally honest ..

Bluehost Review 2020 – Summary

Do I recommend Bluehost? Well yes and no because it depends on what you are looking for. It is a good choice of web hosting for personal and small business websites and blogs (that is, to create your own first website) because Bluehost is cheap (very cheap), reliable, secure and comes with a free domain name. However, for high traffic websites, (or any other shared host for that matter) it is not a very good option. Other important disappointments are that automatic backups and site migrations are only made as paid updates Bluehost Review


Bluehost Review – ADVANTAGE

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free domain name for 1 year
  • Free SSD units in all shared hosting plans
  • PHP7, HTTP / 2 and NGINX + Caching
  • Unlimited web traffic and disk spaces
  • Easy Way WordPress 1-click installation and officially recommended by
  • Free SSL certificate and CloudFlare CDN
  • New Bluerock control panel, built in NGINX cache

Bluehost Review – DISADVANTAGES

  • There is no free website migration
  • No free website backups and restoration

Sure, they are a complete, cheap and generally correct web hosting for when you start your first site, but people tend to love or hate them.

bluehost reviews twitter
bluehost reviews twitter

If you are thinking of registering with them, then give me ten minutes of your time and I will give you all the information you need to know and I will answer similar questions Bluehost Review

  • How much?
  • Are they good, or should I choose another web host?
  • If I sign up with them, will they refund my money if I am not satisfied?
  • Whats are the pros and cons of using them?
  • What is the best plan to get?
  • What is included (and not included) in the hosting packages?
  • Does Bluehost come with SSD? Unlimited storage and bandwidth?
  • Can I host several websites on them?
  • Are there extras that are included for free?

When you have complete reading this Bluehost review (2020 update), you will know if you are the correct (or incorrect) web host to register.

By clicking on this link, you will get over 65% off the normal price and host your website for only $ 2.95 per month.


1.Pros and cons

Is Bluehost a good web server? Here are the most pros and cons of using them. There are many positive aspects, but there are also negative aspects.

2.Plans and Prices

Here I will give you an overview of your hosting plans. Discover what’s (and what is not) Included in your shared hosting plans ..

3. Frequent questions

Do you have a particular ask just approximately this web host? Then the most frequently asked questions are probably answered in me.

4. Do i recommend them?

Discover If I think they are a good web server .. Should you register or is it better to register with a competitor?

Before going on to review here, I will give you a quick summary.


  • Bluehost was established in 2003 by Matt Heaton and its official headquarters are in. Provo, Utah.
  • Most plans come taking into account gigantic disk storage and bandwidth.
  • Free domain name For one year it is included included with most plans.
  • Bluerock is its new and (speed and security) improved control panel (cPanel).
  • Free SSD Units Come included in all shared hosting plans.
  • The servers are powered by PHP7 Cache, HTTP / 2 and NGINX +
  • They offer free SSL Certificates (Encrypt) and CloudFlare CDN.
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • He is an official partner of

Now let’s dive into the bluehost review …


Let’s see what are the pros and cons. Because you must never put all your eggs in a basket and this also applies to the purchase of web hosting.

I have loose many eggs greater than the years due to the fact that I did not do the initial investigation of a web hosting provider and verified all the facts.

So when you are receiving web hosting, be sure to do your research before buying. You must weigh the pros and cons of using them and permit the facts talk for themselves.

What stands out about this company is that they have been around since 2003 and have hosted more than 2 million websites. They are one of the most popular, economical and shared shared hosting options available Bluehost Review.

But are they good?

bluehost review
bluehost review

Originally, they only offered shared hosting plans, but now they provide a variety of services that include domains, cloud hosting and a variety of hosting options that include WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

Like all companies, they have advantages and disadvantages. And, creature one of the largest hosting providers in the world, it shows that many have faith in them. According to the Consumer Ratings, they are rated 9.7 out of 10 by users bluehost review,

Some highlights of the Consumer Ranking review were that they are easy to use, registration is easy, and its cPanel makes it easy to install WordPress and is very well organized.

But I’m so afraid it’s not all roses and sun. There are also some important inconveniences.

So below there is more of the good, the bad and the ugly of using their web hosting services.


They have a couple of in seek of fact massive things to go for them

Really cheap web hosting

They have few of the cheapest hosting plans in the industry. Plans begin at $ 2.95 / month at the grow antiquated of writing this article.

It is a really cheap web host. However, and it is a bit bleak, you must pay 36 months in advance to get that price.

Good for WordPress sites

Bluehost is a amenable substitute for WordPress because it is enliven ahead. Bluerock Platform is a program that is taught in WordPress focused control panel that offers an integrated experience with WordPress websites Bluehost Review

WordPress installation is very easy, you can go through the automatic 1-click WordPress installation process, or you can get WordPress installed in the account set up when you sign up

Bluerock offers WordPress pages 2-3 times faster than the previous technical stack, and comes with a built-in NGINX page caching feature.

Every WordPress site will lead from the latest security and battle features, such as:

  • free SSL certificate
  • PHP7
  • WordPress staging
  • SSD drives
  • NGINX + caching
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • HTTP / 2
bluehost bluerock controlpanel
bluehost bluerock controlpanel

WordPress supported

One of the most largest hosting platforms, WordPress, recommends them. FYI SiteGround is in addition to a highly thought of web hosting

These services, of course, paid endorsements (at least indirectly, since both Bluehost and SiteGround sponsor many of the WP conferences worldwide), but it is still an official endorsement Bluehost Review

wordpress endorsement
wordpress endorsement

Generous money back guarantee

Contrary to negative reviews, they are falling behind their products and services by offering a full 30-day refund policy.

Even after 30 days, you liveliness a prorated refund of your plot. If you decide to leave, you will not find annoying fines or hidden charges.

Good uptime

Bluehost’s activity history is really good. I am monitoring the uptime of Random Websites 5. 4 of the 5 websites have had zero interruptions, that is, 100% uptime, during the last month. 1 of 5 has had an uptime of 99.6% (this would be equivalent to an interruption of approximately 4 hours during the month) bluehost review

bluehost uptime
bluehost uptime

Security is a priority

They offer good protection for your website. They provide secure shell access (SSH) so that web developers and administrators can access configuration files securely. SpamExperts, Apache SpamAssassin and Spam Hammer are your anti-spam tools of choice.

They offer other security features, such as blacklisting IP addresses, password protected directories, email account filters and user accounts, and access to manage digital certificates and private keys bluehost review

Useful user support portal

They provide 24/7 technical supports. In extra to that, they have a knowledge database where users can watch tutorial videos, review supporting documentation and more.

Honestly, a lot of people hate @bluehost. It is sad that they had a bad experience. Ours was great. 2+ years of excellent service in your basic shared plan. We don’t even consider changing hosting companies until we exceed 100,000 page views in a single month bluehost review

– The smart couple (@TheSavvyCouple) November 25.

The knowledge databases works well for those who do not wish to wait by phone or chat. Also your YouTube Channel contains tons of useful tutorial videos.

Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of the most sought after. Affiliate web hosting programs. $ 11 million commissions were paid in 2018 to affiliates.

bluehost affiliate program
bluehost affiliate program

It is easy and free to register; There are no requirements to meet. There is no limit on commissions, and you get paid $ 65 per referral.

A variety of accommodation options

If you are looking to keep a single hosting company as your matter grows, Bluehost has an tribute for that. They have enough maintenance four plans, for that gloss you dont have to change server updates as your site grows: shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress VPS hosting, dedicated and reseller hosting plans are available bluehost review

Quick Start Plan

Bluehost Review – For those who have no idea where to start, they have a immediate begin intention for $ 79.99. This 45-minute session gives you 1-upon-1 training once an adept from the company.

You will learn to use all the tools of the account, such as a guided tour of cPanel, recommendations for the creator of web pages, help for the installation of themes and add-ons, tips for creating pages, e-mail account guides and other tips Generals you may have.

Now, many web hosting providers offer free training, so some might consider paying the Quick Start Plan as a bad feature. But if you do not have time to wait and need all this training in one session, it could be an advantage for you.

Generous extras

As part of your hosting plan, you get a free domain name for the first year. In addition, for those looking to boost their business marketing, they offer advertising credits on AdWords, Bing and other leading Google sites.

bluehost extras
bluehost extras

Bluehost Review – WordPress Pro

WordPress Pro is the new managed release of Bluehost WordPress hosting platform optimized for WordPress websites to load fast and be safe. WordPress Pro comes with an all-in-one marketing and dashboard center, which includes SEO tools, email marketing and social networks.

bluehost wordpress pro
bluehost wordpress pro

WordPress Pro is more expensive than the other Bluehost plans and prices commencement at $ 19.95 per month. Speed and security are the main features, but it along with comes following geek features such as automatic WordPress main updates and add-ons, and periodic backups and a preparation environment.

Bluehost Review – Go and check the WordPress Pro Page to see what it includes. It is worth noting that you get live support with Grow and Scale, and these plans also provide you with practical assistance regarding the design, functionality or general questions of real questions. WordPress experts 24/7.


They have a lot of positive things, but they have their drawbacks too.

Confusing prices

As cheap as $ 2.95 may hermetic, users often obtain sticking to of not comprehensible the to your liking print to realize that this is a launch price based on a 36 month term. You have options to select 12 or 24 plans, but those monthly prices are more.

For example, you can choose the most popular Plus plan at $ 4.45 for the months of 36. However, for months 24 or 12, the price increases to $ 5.45 and $ 6.45 respectively. There are no three and six month offers to choose from bluehost review

There are no free automatic backups

While they offer backups, backups are considered a courtesy. This means that you cannot depend on your data being backed up daily, so there are no guarantees here. You must configure and run your own backup through cPanel and on your own local device.

Another bad feature here is that any information that has been backed up in the last 30 days is overwritten. Your Terms clearly state that you will not be responsible for this bluehost review

In adjunct words, you can on your own access the most recent backup they have, though it is not the one you need to restore your site.

Site Backup Pro is a paid add-on. Create periodic and automated backups of your site. But, it is a premium feature in which you have to invest.

‘Unlimited’ really means ‘limited’

The Plus, Prime and Business Pro plans boast of their unchangeable number of websites and storage “without meters”, email accounts, email storage and subdomains that are delivered to customers.

However, its User Agreement, Clause 7, the Usage Policies and Definitions explain otherwise. It is only unlimited up to a certain level.

Bluehost Review,Your unlimited plan is comparable to most providers (that is, Bluehost is not the only web hosting provider that promises “unlimited” web hosting).

Draconian acceleration / CPU protection

They did this in 2009 and baffled some customers. You may not have heard of CPU acceleration beforehand. You can find the acceleration of your CPU when you log into cPanel.

Simply put, if they think that your website is taking up too many resources, they may decide to preserve server resources by freezing their CPU usage.

However, this is not exclusive to this web host. In fact, all shared web hosts restrict the excessive use of resources.

No Windows hosting

Bluehost Review , Nor do we only offer Linux-based servers. In other words, you cannot get Windows hosting. This is not a big concern since Linux is the most used and popular operating system for web servers.

But for those who prefer Windows hosting, this is a problem.

No availability guarantee

They do not offer guarantee of availability. When choosing a hosting provider, you want an activity time as close as possible to 100%. They do not give you a guarantee, but their Network / Server Runtime Agreement states that “most problems are resolved in approximately 15 minutes.”

They average approximately 99.94% uptime. This interruption of .05% means that for a full year, your site is inactive for 4.4 hours. In general, your uptime is reliable, but once again, there is no guarantee that your site is up and running most of the time, Bluehost Review

Charging times may be slow.

Their loading times are not always the fastest. According to a study by Kissmetrics, 47% of consumers find the maintenance for a appreciative right of admission a site should load in less than 2 seconds. And 40% of consumers will depart the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If your web host cannot provide you with fast loading times and you are not optimizing your website for speed and performance, you run the risk of losing a lot of site traffic.

The sale is a business model.

Your sales practices are designed to make you buy them. In other words, annoying pop-ups and alerts will appear that will try to convince you to buy more.

For example, they have additional sales to select before withdrawing and finish registering with them. In addition, there are installation add-ons that you will have to buy that are normally included with other hosting providers as integrated features in bluehost review

Slow support response times

Although they have 24/7 technical support, they are not always easily accessible. Response times can vary from ten minutes to one hour. The initial response is generated automatically in some cases.

bluehost support
bluehost support

The good news is that they have made significant investments in their support channel with an emphasis on customer experience and success. The voice support channel of the support team has increased customer satisfaction scores to an all-time high of 4.86 (out of 5) for 2018 bluehost review

Expensive renewal fees

Like other hosting companies, its introductory price is to attract customers. It is also quite misleading. Then, when the time for renewal comes, you will be surprised to discover that prices increase by almost 90%!

If you decide to register it is better to register for a period of month 24/36 in the introductory price with discount.

Free site migration is not included

If you are looking to change host, keep in mind they offer site migrations, however for a fee.

bluehost migration service
bluehost migration service

They will transfer up to 5 sites and 20 email accounts for the price of $ 149.99. Comparing this with other web hosting providers, this is a scam, since most do not charge anything to migrate your site Bluehost Review


Now I will explain a little of what you can expect in each of your shared hosting plans. There are four plans: Basic (or your startup plan), Plus, Prime and Business Pro.

Many reviews do not even mention that Bluehost has four plans; Normally they cover only three.

(If you decide to give them a chance) I recommend you start with the basic plan, since it is the cheapest and easiest to start. You can always update later if you want more power and features.

If you only intend to run a small business website or a personal website, then you really should not need the most expensive package.

bluehost plans


  • As it is now, the basic plan is $ 2.95 / month and is ideal for beginners. You will have a domain for your website. This option is popular, especially for bloggers.
  • This plan includes up to 50GB of storage, 100MB of email storage, five email accounts, 25 subdomains and a basic site backup.
  • Its renewal rate is $ 7.99 / month for a 24-month term (instead of the initial 36-month term).


  • The Plus Plan is your most popular plan at $ 4.45 / month.
  • This plan includes unlimited websites, storage, email accounts, email storage, complementary domains and subdomains.
  • However, keep in mind your unlimited terms, however. You also get $ 24 / year in extras and Spam Experts in a domain.
  • There are marketing offers of up to $ 200. Your renewal fee is $ 10.99 / month after that.


  • This plan has more use of resources and is priced at $ 6.95 / month. This plan is not as popular among customers because there are better accommodation deals out there.
  • You will get the same features as with the Plus Plan (see below), as well as $ 80 / year in extras, domain privacy, and Site Backup Pro. Its renewal price is $ 14.99 / month.


  • The Business Pro plan costs $ 13.95 and gives you everything that the Prime Plan offers. However, with this plan you also have a dedicated IP, up to 300,000 inodes and Spam Experts for two domains
  • There is also an SSL certificate, a complementary subscription to your Site Backup Pro service and other benefits of the service. Its renewal price is $ 23.99 / month.

Of these four plans, most people find that the Basic Plan is better suited to them. Most people do not intend to host multiple websites, so their needs must be met with this plan bluehost review

If you are growing (or if you intend to host several websites), then the Prime or Pro Plan would be your best bet.


PlanningFinishedRegular PriceSpecial Price
Basic plan12 months$ 8.99 / month$ 5.45 / month (39% discount)
Basic plan24 months$ 8.49 / month$ 4.95 / month (41% discount)
Basic plan36 months$ 7.99 / month$ 2.95 / month (50% discount)
Plus Plan12 months$ 12.99 / month$ 8.95 / month (31% discount)
Plus Plan24 months$ 11.99 / month$ 7.45 / month (37% discount)
Plus Plan36 months$ 10.99 / month$ 5.95 / month (45% discount)
First plan12 months$ 16.99 / month$ 8.95 / month (47% discount)
First plan24 months$ 15.99 / month$ 7.45 / month (53% discount)
First plan36 months$ 14.99 / month$ 5.95 / month (60% discount)
Pro Business plan12 months$ 25.99 / month$ 18.95 / month (27% discount)
Pro Business plan24 months$ 24.99 / month$ 15.95 / month (36% discount)
Pro Business plan36 months$ 23.99 / month$ 13.95 / month (41% discount)


Additional domain names:$ 15.99 per registration year
Dedicated IP address:$ 5.99 per month
SSL certificates:$ 49.99 per year
SpamExperts mail filtering:$ 2.99 per month per domain name
Domain privacy Whois:$ 11.88 Domain privacy per domain per year
SiteLock:$ 1.99 per month (billed annually at $ 23.88 per year)
Site Backup and Restore Pro:$ 2.99 per month (billed annually at $ 35.88 per year)
Overdue account reactivations:$ 30.00
Jumpstart search engine:$ 2.99 per month (billed annually at $ 35.88 per year)


What plan should I get? That is what this section aims to sponsorship you discover …

So what are the differences in the middle of the Basic, Plus, Prime and Pro hosting packages? Here is a comparison of Basic vs. Plus plot, Plus vs. Prime plot, and Prime vs. Pro Plan of bluehost review

 Bluehost Basic vs. Plus Review

Your Basic Plan is your cheapest plan so it comes with fewer resources and features. The main difference between the Basic plan and the Plus is that with the Basic plan you are only allowed to host a website, but with the Plus Plan you can host unlimited websites. If you intend to run several websites, you must choose the Plus plan.

Another main difference along then these two plans is the amount of web vent that can be stored on the server. The basic plan only comes bearing in mind 50GB of disk manner, while the Plus plan comes with unlimited space. 50GB is a large amount of space and should be sufficient in most cases, but if you store many images and videos, then it can accumulate quickly.

Lastly, the number of email accounts and amount of email storage In the basic plan is quite limited. It may not be as much the number of emails as most users never use more than 5 email addresses, but having only 100MB of email storage space is quite low and you can quickly run out of space.

Your Basic Plan is your cheapest plan so it comes with fewer resources and features. The main difference between the Basic plan and the Plus is that with the Basic plan you are only allowed to host a website, but with the Plus Plan you can host unlimited websites. If you intend to run several websites, you must choose the Plus plan bluehost review

Another main difference in the midst of these two plans is the amount of web tune that can be stored upon the server. The basic try single-handedly comes bearing in mind 50GB of disk heavens, while the Plus plan comes with unlimited space. 50GB is a large amount of space and should be sufficient in most cases, but if you store many images and videos, then it can accumulate quickly.

Lastly, the number of email accounts and amount of email storage In the basic plan is quite limited. It may not be as much the number of emails as most users never use more than 5 email addresses, but having only 100MB of email storage space is quite low and you can quickly run out of space bluehost review

You should consider Selecting the Plus plan if:

  • You want to host unlimited websites in your web hosting account
  • You tormented sensation reach disk flavor otherwise of the 50GB that comes in the middle of the Basic plan
  • You need stubborn email accounts bearing in mind unmodified email storage heavens
  • You want SpamExperts which is your spam protection tool

Bluehost Plus vs. Prime Review

There are enormously few differences along along with the Plus and Prime hosting packages. In fact, there are by yourself things that distinguish these plans. That is with the Prime plan that you get free domain privacy (also known as whois privacy) for your domain name, and the First plan also comes SiteBackup Pro which is your backup and restore service website.

If you are launching between these two plans, then it is much better to choose the Prime plan.

You should consider selecting the Prime plan if:

  • You want free domains name privacy, whois privacy
  • You want SiteBackup Pro, which is the backup and restore service for your website.

Bluehost Prime vs. Pro Review

There are a couple of differences along furthermore the Prime and Professional Hosting Plan that are worth knowing. The first, and an important one if you intend to run an e-commerce or more intensive resources WordPress The site is that the sites of the Pro plan will be hosted on high-performance servers.

The high-performance servers in the Pro plan have 880% fewer accounts per server, which allows the use of more resources per account (more CPU usage, disk usage, bandwidth). It offers more promptness, more capacity, in the middle of fewer users.

Their Pro plan also gives you a dedicated IP Address and a private SSL certificate (not shared).

bluehost pro plan
bluehost pro plan

You should consider selecting the Pro plan if:

  • You want high-performance servers (that is, a fast-loading website) and fewer users who share server resources
  • You want to a free dedicated IP address and a private SSL certificate (not shared)


It’s a new Bluerock platform is a WordPress focused control panel that offers an integrated experience with WordPress websites Bluerock offers WordPress pages 2-3 times faster than the previous technical stack. All sites hosted on will review benefit from the latest security and performance features, such as:

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • PHP7, HTTP / 2 and NGINX + cache
  • WordPress staging environments
  • SSD drives
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free domain name for the first year.

Now you can know what plans they have to offer and you are in a better position to choose the best shared hosting plan for your needs. Remember that you can always upgrade to a higher plan if you need more resources and features bluehost review

Based on my own experience, here is my recommendation for you:

  • I recommend that you register with the Basic Plan If you intend to run a basic single website.
  • I recommend that you register with the Plus Plan if you intend to run more than one site or an official WordPress website.
  • I recommend that you to sign up with the First plan if you intend to run a WordPress or other CMS site, and want security and spam prevention features.
  • I recommend that you to sign up with the Pro Plan if you intend to run an e-commerce site or an official WordPress website, and want a dedicated IP Address plus security and spam prevention features. Bluehost Review


Here you will locate answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Think of this as the unofficial frequently asked questions.

What is bluehost?

Bluehost is the web hosting company that offers a range of hosting facilities; from shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers, to domain publication registration and small matter auspices facilities.

What is the Bluehost login for …?

The Bluehost account login is The Bluehost webmail login is The Bluehost affiliate login is

When was Bluehost founded and where is its headquarters?

Bluehost was established in the year 2003 by Matt Heaton. He realized that the web hosting services offered at that time were inadequate, so he set out to solve it by creating his own web hosting encourage. The companys headquarters can be found in Provo, Utah, USA. Its official website is Read more on his Wikipedia page bluehost review

Are Bluehost and HostGator the same company?

No, Bluehost & Hostgator are separate brands and companies; but both are subsidiaries of the International Resistance Group (EIG). EIG also owns hosting companies such as iPage, FatCow, HostMonster, JustHost, Arvixe, A Small Orange, Site5, eHost and a lot of smaller web hosts.

Can I host multiple domains in Bluehost?

It depends on the whether you have a basic, plus, prime or business pro account. You can add multiple domains and host several websites in the In addition, Prime and Business Pro. Plans It is only allowed to host an additional domain / website in the plan link. It is also useful to understand the different types of domains bluehost review.

Primary Domain: This is the domain broadcast that is considered the primary domain of your account. It’s the domain you use to log in to your account and the domain you use behind dealing previously representatives. There can by yourself be one primary domain per account.

Parked domain: Parked domain are domains that redirect to the content and website that makes your primary domain. Therefore, if your primary domain is, you may also want to have similar names such as,, etc., as parked domains, since they are very similar. You get Five of these with a basic package, and unlimited with the plus, prime or business pro packages bluehost review

Subdomain: These are domain that are created when you add a prefix to your primary domain. So, if your site has a forum section, and it does so that people can access the forums by typing, that is known as a “subdomain.” You gets 25 of these under a basic license. package, and unlimited in plus, prime and business pro packages.

Complementary domain: These are domains that link to a website completely separate from your primary domain. Separate sites with their own domain names are considered additional domains. You gets unlimited amounts of these regardless of the package.

What support do they offer?

Yes, they are offer 24/7 call support, email support and live chat. So you can get help from experts, it doesn’t matter when you needs it.

What languages ​​does Bluehost support speak?

Technical supports is provided in English and English only.

How can I know if Bluehost is down?

If you want to check the status of the websites hosted on them, you can go to and enter your domain name or account name, then they will send you an update on whether the sites work correctly or not. You can also use this free tools to check if your website (or any other website for that matter) is inactive or not bluehost review

Does Bluehost have a website creator?

No, they do not have an internal website creator. Instead, it encourages its users to use Weebly or WordPress, which can be installed very easily. Both Weebly and WordPress are excellent website creators and are especially useful for beginners.

Does Bluehost offer SSL certificates?

Yes, Bluehost buying or renewing SSL certificates is very easy; you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your account and go to your control panel
  • Click on the add-ons header, then search for “SSL” in the search box
  • Click on “add to cart” in the SSL certificate that best suits the needs of your website
  • A verification email will be sent to the email address chosen in the drop-down menu, simply follows the instructions in the emails and your SSL certificated will be activate

Does Bluehost come with a contents delivery networks (CDN)?

If you have a lot of traffic on your site, it may become slow and crash a lot. This will reject many potential visitors and harm their chances of success. One way to avoid this is to use a content distribution network, which does so that the content of your website is hosted on different servers in different geographic areas. Users will download the content of the nearest geographic server. Bluehost comes with Cloudflare built directly on it. Cloudflare is a first-line content delivery network. You can enable it in any of your sites, totally free, bluehost review

What is “Business On Tapp”?

Business on Tapp is a mobile application launched by its parent company, Endurance International Group. The free application offers small and medium businesses the ability to interact directly with potential customers and like-minded entrepreneurs. Some of the features of the application include:

Card exchange: Create your own personalized business card and use it to interact with local businesses.

Expert questions and answers: Ask a question and have the community of experts who also use the application answer it.

Surveys and market research .: Perform quick sample surveys using Business on Tapp users Get information on the latest trends in business fields.

Experienced informative editorial content: Read the unique and interesting pieces written by experts from the Business on Tapp community that are not available anywhere else.

What is Bluehost “Search Engine Jumpstart”?

Bluehost Review – SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part of running a website, since it is necessary to direct traffic to your website. The search engine starter package is an SEO Complement package that users can get for an extra $ 1.99 per month. It will allow your websites to display on Google, Bing and Yahoo much faster than usual.

Do you offer WHOIS domain privacy?

The whois mention for any domain make known is closely to anyone on the subject of the Internet. When you collect domain privacy to you registry, $ 11.88 per domain per year) the contact information in the whois database will be Blue Host. You will remain the owner of the domain name, but your contact information cannot be accessed through the public.

What is Bluehost “SiteLock”?

This is a complement that users can get for $ 1.99 per month, provides standard website protection, such as:

  • DDoS attack protection
  • Malware scan
  • Malware removal
  • Spam protection

Bluehost “Postini”, what is this?

For the cost of $ 1 per month, users can gets Postini email protections. Postini is powered by the Google and is best described as an industrial force spam filter. It will be filter all your emails through advanced anti-spam filters, so that your inbox is never filled with spam emails.

What is Bluehost “Site Backup Pro”?

Bluehost Review, Site Backup Pro is an optional add-on. Creating regular backup copies of your site, so if somethings goes muddled, you can modernize your site to an earlier financial checking account when the click of a button. The encouragement with allows you to download a compressed savings account of the resources from your website; For easy restoration.

Can Bluehost handle high traffic?

They are capable of handling a lot of traffic, however, their shared hosting plans are not suitable for high traffic websites. It is better to go with your dedicated VPS or server plan. Each user has access to Cloudflare., A content distribution network that helps high traffic sites keep their servers running and make their website run quickly. Activating Cloudflare is easy:

  • Login and go to your control panel
  • Go to the domains section and look for the Cloudflare icon
  • Click on activate

How to added Bluehost email to iPhone and Android?

Setup email on your iOS or Android is easy.


  • Go to “mail, contacts and calendar” that you will see when you click on the “settings” button.
  • Click on the “add email account” button.
  • Click on “other” and then “add email account”.
  • Add the relevant information and click “next.”


  • Open the Gmail application and then go to the configuration section.
  • Click on the “add email account” button.
  • By Enter your email address and then specify what type of email address you want to use (either POP3 or IMAP).
  • Enter the password of your email address and then press “next”.

What is the Bluehost availability guarantee?

Ideally, they promise to solve most problems within 15 minutes; So the uptime is around 99%. However, given the problems that may arise, those numbers may change. Users are not penalized for leaving their hosting agreement ahead of time because the uptime is not acceptable of bluehost review.

What is the protection / performance of the Bluehost CPU?

They keep very close server resources, such as CPU and memory. Because of this, they can guarantee that each user using the server gets an equal share of the server’s resources. Resource-intensive websites, poorly optimized websites and DDoS attacks can still cause problems with servers. Be careful, if you think a user is causing problems with a server, then that user may be suspended.

What is the Bluehost money back guarantee?

Your money back guarantee only applies to the first term of an accommodation agreement. The guarantee is as follows.

  • User who cancel within 30 days will receive a full refund.
  • Users who cancel after the thirty-day period receive a partial refund.
  • The money back guarantee only applied to hosting plans, money spent on domains or add-ons is not refundable.
  • There are no fee if you decide to cancel your accommodation agreement ahead of time.

What payment options do you offer?

Bluehost Review – In terms of payment they admit. All major savings account cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal payments, benefit orders, checks (single-handedly residents of the United States can pay this way), and payment orders (only in US dollars ).

Credit cards: Payment by credit card is the default payment option when you create your account. Simply complete your standard card information (expiration date, cardholder name, etc.) and it will remain saved for future payments.

PayPal: PayPal is one of the all the rage payment options. But, unaided instant payments are accepted. This means that you must have a bank account or credit card linked to your PayPal account to be an accepted form of payment. Once you establish PayPal as your main payment method, all automatic renewals will be taken from your PayPal account.

Money order or checks: Money orders and checks are accepted, but only in US dollars. The accommodation period must also be for 12 months or more. It will be necessary to create an invoice before sending a check or money order, this is to make sure that the amount paid is modify. Services that require monthly renewal can’t be paid by check or maintenance order; They require an responsive savings account card or PayPal account. Checks and maintenance orders can be sent to the considering residence:

Bluehost, Inc.

ATTN: Billing

560 Timpanogos Pkwy.

Orem, UT 84097

Purchase Orders

They furthermore authorize make a obtain of orders, which can be paid by check or maintenance order. But, gone you pay considering a get your hands on order, you must always pay with purchase orders or create a new account – bluehost review .

How can I cancel my Bluehost plan?

You can withdraw your account at any period for a partial refund. Before reimbursing, be sure to know:

  • The last 4 digits of your password.
  • The email address on your profile is still in use.

Once you have your password and confirmed that the email in your profile is still in use, call the renewal department at: 844-853-6296. The department will send you an email bearing in mind a colleague that will receive you to your manage panel, where you will be asked to assert the subsequent to:

  • You have backed up all importants data, including important files, emails and databases.
  • That you understand that canceling your account will delete all the websites and files for each domain linked to your own account
  • Your renewal setting for domain names and domain add-ons
  • Your personal information
  • The reason for the game.

Bluehost Review , Once this is done, click on “confirm” and you will be informed if the cancellation attempt was successful or not. Some Refunds will be issued by credit card or PayPal.

How do I transfer a domain names to (or from) Bluehost?

This is how you transfer a domain name to Bluehost.

  • Log in to the control panel of your domain (where your domain is currently registered, for example, GoDaddy, Namecheap).
  • Point the name servers to them (using: and
  • Unlock the domain and disable privacy (if enabled).
  • Acquire your EPP code (also called authentication code or transfer key).
  • Visit the Domain Administrator tab in your control panel. Select “Transfer a new domain to your own account” and follow the steps provided.
  • Here is a video showing you all the steps

Transferring your Blue Host domain name follows a very similar approach. Here is a video showing you how to transfer.

What are Bluehost name servers?

Name servers are specialized servers that handle requests from computers about the exact location of the services of a domain name. In layman’s terms, think of it as a phone book. Before calling someone, it would take them time to find their number in a phone book if they were not sure. That is the logic used with name servers.(Bluehost Review)

Your default name servers are:

  • (IP Address is
  • (IP Address is

What software do Bluehost servers use?

Its server software is: CentOS 6, Linux Kernel 2.6.32, Apache web-server, cPanel 11.42.x.

What programming language ​​do they support?

The supported programming language ​​are: PHP 5.4, Perl 5.10, Python 2.6.6, Ruby + Ruby on rails, MySQL 5.5, PostgreSQL 8, and more.

Does Bluehost come with solid state drives (SSD)?

If they provide SSD drives in all shared hosting plans and in the cloud. With SSD hosting, you’ll enjoy faster server speeds, better data security and more reliable performance.

What is the Bluehost email configuration?

Your recommended secure SSL / TLS settings for IMAP and POP3 are:

  • Username: Your email address: e.g.
  • Password: The password of your own email account.
  • Incoming server: (where – is your domain name).
  • Incoming port: This are 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP3).
  • Outgoing server: (where the is your domain name).
  • Output port: 465 (SMTP).
  • Authentication: Password.

What is my Bluehost cPanel login?

You will find the cPanel login details in the “Welcome email” you have when you first signed up. When you have set up the name servers (that is, you pointed your domain name to your servers), you can log in to your control panel by typing this URL in your web browser: If you prefer a secure login, the login URL is: (For your information, replace “” with your real domain name). (Bluehost Review)

Do you provide SSH / Shell access?

Yes, but SSH / Shell access is’t enabled by default. You must verify (see down) your hosting account to have SSH access enabled in your cPanel.

How do I verify my account?

If you are live in the United States or Canada, you can call the verification department at 844-460-5819 (between 6 AM-9PM – MST). If you live outside the US UU. Or Canada, or if you prefer an email, you can send an email to (see here for what information you need to provide in the email).

Will you let me edit configuration files?

Yes, you have access to the configuration files. For example, you can override and edit the default .htaccess file, add a custom php.ini file, you can access log files and customize error pages.

Is Bluehost good for e-commerce websites?

They offer Woocommerce hosting. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that turns your site into a full-fledged e-commerce site. These are just some of the feature offered by the Woocommerce plugin:

  • Sell ​​products and accept payments.
  • Manage orders and shipping.
  • Integrate with social networks and allow customer reviews.
  • Expand the look of your online store with free and premium extensions.

There are three differents Woocommerce plans to choose from:

Basic – Bluehost Review

  • Parked domain 1 and subdomains 5.
  • 100 GB of web space.
  • 100 emails account with 500 MB of storage for each.
  • There are no extras included.

Plus – Bluehost Review

  • Unlimited space on the website, emails, email storage.
  • Unlimited parked domains and unlimited subdomains.
  • $ 200 worth of marketing offers.

Prime – Bluehost Review

  • Unlimited space on the website, emails, email storage.
  • Unlimited parked domains and unlimited subdomains.
  • $ 200 worth of marketing offers.
  • Includes domain privacy and site backup

Business professional – Bluehost Review

  • Unlimited web space.
  • Unlimited email and email storage space.
  • Unlimited parked domains and unlimited subdomains.
  • $ 200 worth of marketing offers.
  • Extras such as Site Backup Pro, spam protection, dedicated IP address, SSL certificate and more.

Are there other sites where you can find Bluehost reviews, such as Reddit?

Buying web hosting is an importants decision and you should do your research. There are a lot of other websites where you can find genuine and unbiased reviews. For example you can find comments on Reddit, and on Quora. There are also customers review on sites likes Yelp and TrustPilot.

What is the Mojo Marketplace?

Mojo Parts of Marketplace is an online marketplace where you can install free applications that are responsible for creating websites. For example, you can download more website builders like WordPress and Drupal. You can also download themes from websites, e-commerce add-ons and more. Most of the applications offered in Mojo Marketplace are free in other places, but what makes Mojo Marketplace so special is the fact that users can download and install the applications with the click of a button.

Does Bluehost have an affiliate program?

Yes, they have an affiliate program. You can register by going to their website, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the link that will take you to the affiliate program page. Simply click on the “Start” button, then start filling in your information, and you will be an affiliate in no time in bluehost review

Where can I find the Bluehost coupon codes?

You can’t rarely offer promotional codes because their prices are always kept low. They do a great job balancing the price and features and you should visit their official website to know the current offers and discount prices.

What is the best Bluehost alternative?

This is an undoubtedly one of the best known and popular web hosting companies in the world. However, if you are looking for suppliers and are looking for good Bluehost alternatives, here are my recommendations. Cheaper alternatives to Bluehost are Cheap Hostinger and HostGator Plans (However, it is also owned by EIG). The best alternative that does not belong to EIG is Iart (read my review of SiteGround here)

What is the Bluehost WP Pro?

WP Pro is fully managed by Bluehost WordPress hosting solution for WordPress powered websites that have been optimized for speed and performance. WP Pro comes with integrated tools for security, publicity and reliability. All WP Pro plans come following Sitelock Fix, CodeGuard Basic and Domain Privacy included. Go here to learn more just nearly Bluehost WP Pro bluehost review

What is Bluehost Bluerock?

Bluerock is its new and improved WordPress focused control panel (cPanel) that allows WordPress to be installed when registering. In Bluerock, the performance of your site is controlled in real time and Bluerock offers WordPress pages 2-3 times faster than its old technical stack.

Bluerock offers a more integrated experience with WordPress websites It offers greater performance for WordPress by optimizing the installation and integrating NGINX page cache into the experience (including cache cleaning). Cached WordPress Page load 2-3 times faster with the incredible Bluerock technical stack! bluehost review


Yes and no.

Would I register with them to host this website? Probably not. Would I get webhosting from them for a new site that I created? Probably.

The reason why I can’t give you an explanation “Yes, use them” or “No, don’t use them” The answer is because everything depends on your situation, your website and why you need hosting.

I think if you should definitely go and sign up with Bluehost if you’re going to start a personal blog or a small business website.

Bluehost is cheap (very cheap), They have a solid track record and it is very easy to start with (especially for beginners and for WordPress sites).

On the other side, there are three main reasons why I would personally think twice before registering.

First, if you have a website that will get a lot of traffic (such as a commercial or e-commerce site), I suggest you choose an alternative that can accommodate a large amount of site traffic.

Second, if you need to contact someone in support, waiting up to 10 minutes or more in crucial situations is not worth the cheap price. But, again, your accommodation is cheap, so you get what you pay for.

Third, it is a disappointment that website migrations and automatic backups. They only come as paid updates / addons. I know these are simple things you can do yourself, but I think this should be included for free. Again, you get what you pay for.

Bluehost Review – If you’re still sitting on the fence, know that your generous 30-day money-back guarantee lets you “try before you buy” and extras such as a free domain name and features such as a free SSL certificate and Cloudflare CDN are strong features for which It is worth registering.

By clicking on this link, you can get approximately 65% ​​of the recommended retail price and host your website for only $ 2.95 per month.

 FTC Disclosure: To get the cheapest price possible, I will earn a small commission if you decide to subscribe to Bluehost’s accommodation through these links.

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