My professionals of 16 and the cons of 2 use FastComet review of web hosting services for my website

Having a website is the best way, the only way , to promote your business and advertise your products or services online. To achieve this, it is vital that you partner with an excellent web host fastcomet reviews

enter FastComet . Because this is one of the best web hosting options. for beginners and newbies, and for anyone who wants to start a website. FastComet is a new force to consider in the web hosting industry.


Do I recommend FastComet? Yes, I do it because FastComet is a force to consider in the hosting industry when it comes to cheap web hosting, but it offers secure and fast loading servers, reliable uptime and shared web hosting rich in features. FastComet reviews that offers SSD hosting, the promising site loads 300% faster than the competition. FastComet also gives you a free domain name: for life, 45-day money back, the same renewal prices and no cancellation fees.



  • 45 day return and 99.9% guarantee of server uptime
  • Free domain name – always free
  • SSD hosting: the site loads 300% * faster (* according to FastComet reviews)
  • Free site migration and free daily and Also weekly backups running
  • Enjoy Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN, NGINX and HTTP / 2
  • 1-click WordPress automatic installer with free theme settings
  • Built-in firewall, brute force protection and free malware scanning


  • Only the SpeedUp plan comes with the speed and safety of RocketBooster
  • $ 19.95 installation fee if you decide to pay monthly
fastcomet reviews on twitter
fastcomet reviews on twitter

FastComet reviews it is surprisingly unknown in the industry but provides very fast server speeds, outstanding features, 100% uptime, security, affordable plans, 24-hour support , and many other benefits.

Here, in my FastComet review, I will give you a summary of everything there is to know about this web hosting provider to help you decide if it is good for you.

So, if you give me only 10 minutes of your time, I will give you all the essential data and information about what they offer when it comes to web hosting. Continue reading and you will find answers to all your questions, such as:

  • What features does FastComet provide to its customers?
  • What are the different plans available?
  • How much does web hosting cost?
  • What type of hosting do website owners offer?

When you finish reading this review, you will surely be able to know if this is the right web hosting service for your needs.

By clicking on this link, you can host your website for only $ 2.95 per month


1. What is FastComet?

Here I will explain what the web hosting service is about, a little about the company and the different types of hosting they offer, and the prices of their shared hosting plans.

2. The pros

Find out what are the main benefits of FastComet and the pros of registering with them for your business website or personal blog.

3. The cons

But there are also negative aspects, here you will learn more about what cons are.

4. Is a good thing?

Here I summarize this review and permit you know if I take goal them OR if I think it would be better using a competitor .

Here I will give you a review of FastComet on how your services are as a web hosting provider. I will show all its features, benefits, discuss the pros and cons and compare the different price plans. When you have finished reading this, I hope you can decide if you want to host your website with them or not.

fastcomet reviews homepage
fastcomet homepage


If you are looking for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, cloud hosting to use on your website, then you should definitely consider FastComet reviews . It is a hosting services company in San Francisco , California, that provides some of the best and highest quality hosting solutions for website owners.

Its servers are located in 8 locations around the world. in relation to the world. You can select in the between of Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Newark, Dallas, Chicago and Frankfurt . No issue where you are physically, you will never face the increase in ping time and the drop in website loading speed.

This web hosting company has been around past 2013, and today has thousands of customers in almost all 100 countries around the world. It provides a wide variety of features, offers low cost plans. The biggest advantage of FastComet is exclusively using SSD drives on its servers and a free domain name for life. Your help desk is easy to use and is ready to help 24/7/365.

fastcomet hosting features reviews
fastcomet hosting features

Even if you are not an experienced web developer, you can easily use them for your personal blog or online buildup. The fact is that you can acquire on all set happening in a few clicks AND absolutely for straightforward. It includes the installation of any CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart , adding free modules and a theme template, and lots of free tutorials for any platform.

Now let’s see all the benefits of FastComet reviews. You will see why these types are better than many other competitors in the economic web hosting space.

fastcomet vs competition reviews
fastcomet vs competition

By clicking on this link, you can host your website for only $ 2.95 per month


They offer three shared hosting plans: StartSmart from $ 2.95 per month , ScaleRight from $ 5.95 per month and SpeedUp from $ 9.95 per month (This is the plan I recommend, find out why ).

fastcomet hosting pricing reviews
fastcomet hosting pricing

You will notice that this is quite cheap But these prices are only available. When you buy the hosting for 3 years in advance. . If you choose the shortest period, it will cost you a little more expensive. You can then compare how the price changes according to the subscription period chosen.

FastComet shared hosting features

Shared PlansFastCloudFastCloud PlusFastCloud Extra
Websites hostedSingle siteUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage (SSD drives)15 GB25 GB35 GB
Unique visits25K / month50K / month100K / month
CPU cores2 x Xeon CPU E5-2680 V34 x Xeon CPU E5-2680 V36 x Xeon CPU E5-2680 V3
Immediate Account SettingsYesYesYes
Several server locations8 locations8 locations8 locations
Free website transfer133
Additional DomainsDo notUnlimitedUnlimited
Daily backups7730

Please note that when you choose a monthly subscription , you will have to pay an additional installation fee of $ 19.95 . This additional fee applies to all plans.

In addition, you can pay for some add-ons such as Search Engine Submission, Domain Privacy, Search Engine Optimization Audit and Google SiteMap. They cost between $ 5.95 and $ 14.95 a year and it’s up to you if you want to add them or not (I suggest you don’t do it, plus you can always add these extras later).

The three plans are quite similar in what they offer and only differ in the amount of additional sites it can host, RAM, cores and storage. You can compare each plan in details on its official website.


SpeedUp is your most expensive shared hosting plan, starting at $ 9.95 / month. But this plan has a serious blow . When it comes to swiftness, safety and take steps! Profit enlarged take work than a dedicated server for a fraction of the price.

The SpeedUp objective comes in addition to 3x more resources per account and 3x fewer users . Your site is hosted on a high performance server; PHP7 hosting environment with LiteSpeed ​​LSAPI, APC & OPcache, static and dynamic varnish cache .

Here’s why FaSpeedUp take goal is the best shared hosting plot! Performance is bigger than most dedicated servers, but for a fraction of the price!

3 times faster and better!

3x less users per server and 3x more CPU and RAM, means more knack for your site.


RocketBooster is your custom. Internal caching system that is based around Varnish, PHP7, APC later OPcache and memcached.


BitNinja is its all-in-one security system distributed globally with machine learning algorithm that protects servers from malicious traffic worldwide and saves hosting account resources at the same time.


The SpeedUp plan comes with Varnish Cache , which is really, very fast and Varnish generally accelerates the loading time of TTFB (time to the first byte) and the loading of pages with a factor of 3 – 10x, according to its website.

PHP7 with APC and OPcache

Your servers use PHP7 with APC and OPcache will significantly improve the performance of your website to handle more simultaneous visitors with great page load time in fastcomet hosting


Memcached is a distributed memory cache system that increases the performance of database-controlled websites by caching data and objects in RAM to reduce the amount of resources allocated for a process to run.



All plans are offered with fixed prices and no hidden fees. . The company makes every effort to provide 100% customer satisfaction. You pay only for the services you actually use.

They do not hide additional payments and fees. .So you won’t be surprised to an supplementary financial credit. All prices will not accretion at the halt of the subscription epoch, therefore you renew any service for the same price.

If for some excuse you make a make a buy of of not with the quality of the hosting provider, you can recover all your money . Most competitors offer no more than 30 days, but with FastComet review you have 45 days for a full refund.


Many hosting providers use traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) that are quite slow. As a result, your site loads very slowly , and can negatively affect your search engine optimization efforts. Google algorithms better promote faster websites and get better rankings in search engine results pages. How do they achieve such good results?

FastComet review concerning the supplementary hand without help provides hermetic come clean drives (SSD drives) . It helps buildup website accomplish in the works to 300% since your files and databases will load much faster. The average loading time of the site is about 200 milliseconds, while most competitors load pages in about 500-600 milliseconds * (* according to Fast Comet).

This means that the majority of visitors who arrive at your site will be able to access your website, your online store or blog much faster. , and will not bounce while waiting for your site to load.

In addition, the support team will ask you how to improve page load times by Google Pagespeed Insight and GTMetrix scores. You wont even have to use any caching add-in because these speed functions are integrated and enabled by default .


Another great feature to improve website performance and speed is the use of Cloudflare CDN . You will not have to purchase an additional subscription, as it is available by default in all hosting service plans. CDN is a short form of content delivery network. It uses different services around the world to store all its static files such as images, JavaScript files or CSS style sheets.

When the visitor opens their website, the browser downloads all these static files. The farther the visitor from your main server is physically, the lower the website loading speed. To avoid this negative impact, CDN providers will send images and other static files from the server closest to the visitor’s physical location. It helps improve site performance and increases loading speed.

Cloudflare has an infrastructure of servers distributed throughout the world. It has on severity of 100 data centers in swap countries. Then, even if your customers are from another continent, they will experience the highest vigor and vigor of your online lineage or blog page.

Getting started taking into account Cloudflare is easy. Once you make and inauguration your website following them, you can activate the Cloudflare CDN feature in your hosting control panel in one click.


They gloves 99.99% uptime . Why is this so important? When the uptime is less than 99%, your visitors can often face the situation when your website is unavailable, and you don’t want that. An uptime of 99.99% translates into a weekly downtime of only 1m 0.5s. Here are screenshots that show your almost 100% perfect uptime of fastcomet hosting

fastcomet uptime reviews
fastcomet uptime

Of course, this excludes planned share and migration windows to upgrade infrastructure components, as these increase overall performance, are rare in frequency, and short in duration.


To prevent your site and its visitors from experiencing online threats, they use a special firewall application that is already optimized for any content management system such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and others. FastComet reviews that is capable of blocking up to 99% of aggressive security threats of fastcomet hosting

fastcomet security reviews
fastcomet security

In addition, each shared hosting account has an isolated environment so even if someone else using the same server you are infected, your files and website will not be in danger. The smart firewall protects against all known vulnerabilities, malware and any other virus attack.


See One of the most importants components of any security website is an SSL Certificate . They provide private certificates. Encrypted by SHA-256 hash algorithms and 2048-bit RSA keys . You can request the certificate in one click and get it in less than an hour. Its SSL certificates provide a secure connection up to 8 faster than traditional ones. All certificate owners are insured for the $ 10,000.

If you dont tormented sensation to part an SSL certify, they after that come occurring later the keep for understandable SSL certificates issued by Lets Encrypt . You can locate it by simply typing Let’s Encrypt in the search field.


WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites and blogs. It is very easy to use and very easy to use. The support team is dedicated to providing customers with the best WordPress management ready solution at a very affordable cost of fastcomet hosting

WordPress cloud hosting features

  • Have Free daily and weekly WordPress backups of your data to save you presenter
  • WordPress data the website is hosted on Solo SSD cloud hosting
  • Expert WordPress Help guides and procedures. to profit your site taking place and dealing out in the shortest possible time
  • 1-click WordPress auto installation with free WordPress theme settings , performed by expert WordPress support fastcomet hosting
  • WordPress data the website is always up to date and secure with its free WordPress update service


In addition to WordPress, you can use Magento, Joomla, Drupal and more than 150 other platforms . All of them are available for installation with one click . It is’t necessary to download and install them manually, but if you cannot find the application you need (there is almost no risk of that, but let’s assume theoretically), there is no problem to connect to the server via FTP and install it by hand.

fastcomet 1 click installation
fastcomet 1 click installation

How can you use them? You don’t even need any programming and development skills. They can be installed in one click from the control panel. All you need is to follow the installation wizard commands. fastcomet hosting

In addition, the installation wizard will install all the free modules necessary to create your website abundantly animate. Moreover, there are a lot of pardon theme templates easy to make a gain of to to pick from.

FastComet website builder reviews
FastComet website builder

All this simplifies the process of installing and configuring the website and makes it very easy even for complete newbies. You can save hundreds of dollars in design, development and support. Even if you can’t finish some tasks, contact support and they will be happy to help you.


A domain name is a unique identifier that represents you and your company on the Internet. A domain name can cost up to $ 20 a year Depending on the extension of the domain and where you register it.

But not with FastComet. Because they give you a free domain nameforever ! You can buy the new domain or transfer an existing one, for free.

So, no matter where and when you get your domain name, forget about manual renewal and additional payments. They provide all these features automatically for you.


If your website is hosted elsewhere, when inconsistent hosting provider, they will transfer it for you for free . This service is free without additional charges or hidden payments.

Of course you can attain your hands on it yourself. But directory transfers can yield to a lot of time and resources, and if not done correctly, it can cause your website to crash.

Of course, you can moreover employ someone to transfer your site, but why spend the money if it can be done for free? UNA The support specialist will do it in an hour. or less if the website is not very large.


Have you heard of Murphy’s law? What “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”? Do not let this happen to your website.

They provide daily backups that are kept off-site and you will have backup copies of the last 7 to 30 days (depending on the plan you have). You are granted full and unrestricted access to your backups through 1-click Restore Manager within cPanel.

FastComet daily backups review
FastComet daily backups

If you need help, 24/7 technical support is ready to give you a hand if you need help restoring your website and that has no additional cost.


cPanel is the most usus powerful Control Panel to control your hosting account. in the market. It has a very easy to use, convenient and intuitive interface, and is utterly mobile manageable. The interface is in view of that easy and intuitive that even a great newbie can post you will how to use it. The most advanced features of cPanel will be useful for more experienced webmasters of fastcomet hosting

FastComet cpanel review
FastComet cpanel review

What can you do with cPanel?

  • Contact customer service Through any devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone. Even if you are an experienced webmasters and developers, there may be situations where you may need support assistance.
  • Manage your account , recharge your account, make payments or change the hosting plan.
  • Manage the services you use. : Buy, activate or deactivate any add-on or payment function.
  • Launch a new website in the plans (ScaleRight and SpeedUp) that support an utter number of websites. All you need to get is select a domain make known and begin a website.
  • Manage your domain names . It is attainable to register, transfer or near any of your domains. Even if you have many websites, you can easily manage them on any device.
  • Receive emails and notifications. cPanel monitors all your objection and immediately notifies you of any changes you have made. It can be really useful when you have several websites because you don’t need to control everything manually. Just react to notifications or emails and apply the necessary changes with fastcomet hosting
  • Monitor all the important things for you. The customer control center indicators provide detailed information about all the hosting service you use. Control everything from account status to traffic bandwidth.
  • Install popular software like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


There may be situations where you may need professional support. In fact, any good hosting provider must have a fast and competent support staff that can help you in any situation.

You can reach their support by phone (1.855.818.9717 – 24/7 free from the US), Email and online chat .

Online chat is the fastest option since a specialist will respond in less than 10 minutes. I tried and, although the person I spoke with was not a native English speaker, their language level was very good, it was easy to understand and their instructions very clear.

fastcomet comparison table
fastcomet comparison table

So what help can you expect?

  • Quick responses to any entry through an email or a live chat. The team responds in 10 minutes or even faster.
  • Hosting support : any problem with email, FTP, site configuration and configuration, and a transfer from the previous hosting provider.
  • Optimize and security. The support team will help you improve the speed performance of your website and help you make it safer.
  • Programming module update. Sometimes it is not so easy to install the added bank account of any module, especially without special programming skills. The part team will apportion support to you solve any problem with any software component.
  • Virus and malware removal . They designate forgive security monitoring and will lead you eliminate any virus and malicious software if it detects any.


fastcomet free tutorials
fastcomet free tutorials

Sometimes you throbbing to profit your hands filthy and realize things yourself considering your website. When you profit beached They have a omnipresent library of understandable tutorials and practical guides. To help you out.

You can find many articles and videos on a variety of topics, from how to set up and configure your website, to how to launch a blog or an online store, as well as many other practical guides. When you cannot find the necessary tutorial, your support is just one click away fastcomet hosting


You can invite occurring to five cronies and as a compensation you profit consent not guilty hosting . Three months of accommodation are given free every time you invite a friend in fastcomet hosting

Your affiliate program works almost the same way. Instead of getting free accommodation, they will pay you a commission for each new registration you mean them. The more people you permit, the well ahead the commission you will complete.


They have a global network of server infrastructure with data centers in. Dallas, Chicago, Newark, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt . When you sign uo, you can choose the location of the server you prefer.



This is the biggest negative of using them. Sometimes you just want to pay for a service in a month to month . FastComet reviews that is allows monthly payment, but if you choose to pay monthly, then you are slapped with a $ 19.95 installation fee . The best and only way to avoid this cost is to choose the subscription for a year or more.

The good news is that if you decide to cancel your accommodation with them, then there are no cancellation fees and if you cancel within 45 days after registering with FastComet review, then you will be given a full refund of fastcomet hosting .


Another negative aspect is that the Smart Start Plan does not allow you to add multiple domains. You can only host one website . Is that really a big disadvantage? Not in mean of fact, but it depends regarding what you prefer. But if you plot to have back more one website, consider signing up for your other plans fastcomet hosting


Yes . FastComet review : it is not a 100% perfect web hosting provider, but (as shown above) professionals certainly outweigh the cons.

I am particularly impressed by the SpeedUp plan since its performance is almost better than a dedicated server, but for a fraction of the price!

Reasons to register Fastcomet hosting :

  1. SSD hosting: the site loads 300% * faster (* according to FastComet)
  2. Free domain name – always free
  3. Free daily and weekly backups
  4. Easy to use / convenient cPanel
  5. Shared hosting using NGINX and HTTP / 2
  6. Free SSL, SNI and Cloudflare CDN
  7. Choosing global server locations 8
  8. 1-click WordPress automatic installer with free theme settings in fastcomet hosting
  9. Built-in firewall, brute force protection and free malware scanning
  10. Free site migration
  11. Useful help by live chat and by phone with 24/7/365
  12. 45 day money back guarantee

In summary, I recommend FastComet web hosting services for beginners and advanced users. Try fastcomet hosting today

By clicking on this link, you can host your website for only $ 2.95 per month

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