My six advantages and disadvantages of using HostGator web hosting review for my web sites

HostGator is one of the largest and oldest web hosting service providers in the industry. But does that makes them good or bad? This HostGator review analyzes all the pros and cons so you can determine if HostGator is the right option for you.

Today, there are plenty of web hosting service providers for you to choose from, which focus on providing affordable solutions, luxury features and first class support. However, deciding which are host to go with is not so easy . hostgator review




  • 45 day return and 99.9% guarantee of server uptime
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Free website, domain, MYSQL and script transfer
  • Custom firewall against DDoS attacks.
  • Free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt
  • Support 24/7/365 by phone, live chat and ticket system
  • Servers up to 2.5x faster, global CDN, daily backup and restore, automatic malware removal (managed by HostGator WordPress Hosting Only)
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation


  • Only the cloud and WordPress managed plans come with the features of Speed, Security and Extra
  • Expect some additional sales along the way


Do I recommend HostGator? HostGator’s cheap shared hosting option is meh but it’s fine. BUT HostGator’s Cloud and Managed WordPress The hosting options are amazing. If you want more push in terms of speed, security and features, I recommend HostGator cloud plans. Especially HostGators managed WordPress hosting service, as this gives you the speed and security you need without the high price is my hostgator reviews

Hostgator review Luckily for you, we are here to break down one of the most popular web hosting solutions on the market today, HostGator , to see if what they have to offer is what you need to run a successful website, without getting into the terrain with site problems.

hostgator reviews twitter
hostgator reviews twitter

In this HostGator Review , I will take a close look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that you should know before you decide to enroll.

If you interested to give me 10 minutes of your time, I will give you all the information you should know about your hosting services, answering questions such as:

  • What features does HostGator offer its customers?
  • What are the different plans available?
  • How much does HostGator hosting cost?
  • What type of hosting do website owners offer?

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When you have finished reading this HostGator review, you can surely tell if this is the right web hosting service for your needs.


1.Hosting solutions

Here I will explain the differents type of hosting. Solutions and the HG plan provides customers and what are their main differences.

2.Hosting Features

Here I will discuss in details each of the main features of web hosting .

3.Pros cons

Here I will be take a close look at both the pros and cons of using HostGator Hosting. I will also cover some of the most frequently asked questions. .

4.Do I recommend

Here I will tell you if I recommend them or if I think it would be better to use a competitor.

Let’s dive but first a quick bottom.

Hostgator review – HostGator was founded in 2002 by a young university student named Brent Oxley , HostGator finally got its official office location in Houston, Texas, after spending quality time in Canada during its first days of operation. From there, they continued to grow, opening another office in Austin, Texas, and expanding to Brazil.

By 2012, Oxley announced International Resistance Group (EIG) It was acquiring HostGator. And, while this was an intelligent commercial movement for Oxley and his team, a movement like this has the potential to create problems among those who currently use or seek to use HostGator services. hostgator reviews

Not sure why? Read about EIG and its impact on the web hosting providers that they have acquired .

That said, I am not here to told you that your role in the EIG is inherently good or bad. In fact, HostGator has had great success over the years and has generated hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. hostgator review.


Here are the different hosting solutions that website owners provide.


HostGator offers extremely affordable shared web hosting packages for websites of all types and sizes. Separated into three different plans:

Hatchling , Baby and Company – shared hosting plans have features that will meet your basic hosting needs.

hostgator shared plans
hostgator shared plans

For example, each shared hosting plan comes with a built-in Website Builder for convenient drag and drop site construction. In addition, they comes with the QuickInstall tool to install a WordPress blog, forum, gallery and e-commerce store scripts directly on your site.

Not to mention the fact that they supported WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wiki and phpBB hosting content management systems.

Additional features include:

  • Bandwidth Not Measured
  • 99% guaranteed uptime.
  • Free website transfers
  • Google AdWords and Bing Ads credits
  • cPanel control panel
  • PHP version 7 and SHS access
  • Unlimited POP3 email accounts
  • 24/7/365 technical support by phone, live chat and email (ticket system)

It is important to keep in mind that shared hosting will be the central theme of this review, however, other hosting solutions will be shared with you in case you need something a little more solid. hostgator reviews


Your cloud hosting Services come with many features for those looking to scale quickly. Enjoy an optimal cloud storage solution, intuitive dashboard and resource management capability. Also, keep complete control over your entire site with the easy-to-use cPanel – hostgator review

hostgator cloud hosting plans
hostgator cloud hosting plans

In addition, quickly transfering all site data to another server in the event of a failure, and know that there are three duplicate copies of your website hosted on multiple devices to ensure security and redundancy… hostgator review

Your cloud hosting starts at $ 4.95 / month and expands to the larger plans, priced at $ 6.57 / month and $ 9.95 / month as your needs become more demanding.


Cloud hosting is better than shared web hosting because it allows you to use resources from multiple servers, rather than just one server.

HostGator Cloud give you all the features of shared web hosting, but you get much more growl!

hostgator shared vs cloud hosting
hostgator shared vs cloud hosting

2X faster servers

  • Up to 2X faster loading times due to low density servers, premium hardware and multiple layers of caching
  • The content of your website is managed more efficiently, allowing dynamic content requests to be processed faster
  • Built-in caching makes your website load faster from the cloud due to optimal caching settings

4X more scalable

  • Increase your resources in the cloud as your online presence grows. One click is all you need: no data migrations, downtime or reboots
  • Get the assignment and management of servers in the cloud!
  • It allows you to respond to those large traffic peaks without any service interruption


Well, here is the plan that I like the most.

For those who work specifically with WordPress, HostGator reviews has WordPress cloud hosting that caters to the WordPress platform and offers all the features necessary to run a fast, efficient and highly secure website.

hostgator managed wordpress cloud hosting
hostgator managed wordpress cloud hosting

HostGator managed WordPress cloud web hosting promises up to 2.5X faster loading times Due to super-charged cloud architecture, low density servers, CDN and multiple layers of caching.

In addition, this hosting solution is managed, that is, Automatic Updates for you WordPress HostGator manages the kernel, add-ons and themes, as well as website backups and malware removals . You also receive free CDN Service Boosting contents delivery to your site visitors.


Here is the quick summary of the plans mentioned above that offer:

Shared hosting plans

  • Breeding plan: Starts at $ 2.75 per month. Site 1 allowed, unmeasured bandwidth and storage space.
  • Baby plan: Start at $ 3.95 per month. Unlimited sites, bandwidth and unmeasured storage space are allowed.
  • Business plan: Start at $ 5.95 per month. Unlimited sites, bandwidth and unmeasured storage space are allowed.
  • Check the latest prices and all shared features included

Cloud hosting plans

  • Breeding Cloud: Starts at $ 4.95 per month. Cores 2 and 2GB memory, site 1 allowed, unmeasured bandwidth and storage space.
  • Baby Cloud: Start at $ 6.57 per month. 4 cores and 4GB memory, unlimited allowed sites, bandwidth without meter and storage space.
  • Business Cloud: Start at $ 9.95 per month. 6 cores and 6GB memory, unlimited allowed sites, bandwidth without a meter and storage space.
  • Check the latest prices and all cloud features included

WordPress cloud hosting plans

  • Startup Plan: Starts at $ 5.95 per month. 2X faster, site 1 allowed, 100k visits per month, 1GB backups and storage space without meters.
  • Standard Plan: Start at $ 7.95 per month. 2X faster, 2 websites allowed, 200k visits per month, 2GB supports storage space without meters.
  • Business plan: Start at $ 9.95 per month. 5X faster, 3 websites allowed, 500k visits per month, 3GB backups and storage space without meters.
  • Check the latest prices and all WordPress cloud features included


In addition to the accommodation options mentioned above, they also have the following:

  • VPS Accommodation . With VPS hosting, you get comprehensive features, such as full root access to control your entire hosting environment, multiple layers of network security to ensure server reliability and instant scalability at the click of the button.

Also, trust that your data is hosted on servers that are protected with RAID 10 disk configuration and that come with redundant power and HVAC drives. Receive weekly off-site backups of your own entire website, a complete set of development tools to help with the functionality and design of the site and, as always, an award-winning support for any questions you may have. VPS hosting plans have the following price: $ 29.95 / month, $ 39.95 / month and $ 49.95 / month, respectively hostgator review.

  • Dedicated Hosting . For those with websites with a lot of traffic, as well as with a larger budget, dedicated hosting may be what you need. Your site data will be stored independently on its own dedicated server, which means that it will never be necessary to share resources at any time.

Also, run Linux or Windows, choose between HDD and SSD hard drive options, receive DDOS protection at the data center level and enjoy full root access, unlimited databases, RAID-1 configuration and 3-5 dedicated IPv4 IP . To enter HostGator dedicated hosting plans, expect to pay $ 119 / month to $ 149 / month hostgator review.

  • Reseller Hosting . If you’r thinking of starting your own web hosting company, consider your reseller plans. Receive powerful tools to help build your own clientele, maintain complete control over the allocation of resources and update as necessary so that your business can continue to grow.

With a reseller web hosting plan, you get the WHM control panel with multilingual capability, 99.9% uptime guarantees, video tutorials with the 400+ brand for your customers to make reference and unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access panel. If this is something you’r interested in doing, see if one of the three plans available: Aluminum , Copper or Silver- from $ 19.95 / month to $ 24.95 / month, work for you hostgator reviews

  • Application hosting . If you don’t use WordPress as a CMS, HG has it covered. When running on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, HostGator can allow you to run platforms such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wiki and phpBB Hosting. In addition, features such as unmeasured bandwidth, email marketing and facilities with a click of other useful applications are included with any plan.

Windows hosting . Although Linux is preferred when it comes to web hosting, they make Windows hosting available to those who need it. With the support of Parallels Plesk Panel, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2 and ASP.NET, this hosting solution will surely have everything you need to run an easy-to-use website hostgator review.

As you can see that, HostGator has hosting solutions for each budget, each type of website and size, and even serves specific customers such as WordPress or Windows users.


Your shared hosting plans come with enough features to start your website, without sacrificing speed or performance. In fact, here is a list of some of the best features they have for customers who can encourage you to sign up with them for their hosting needs:

  1. Built-in website builder
  2. Full domain name management
  3. Marketing tools
  4. Premium Services


Easily create an impressive website, using its built-in website building tool . To start, choose from more than 100 templates compatible with mobile devices. Also, build using convenient drag-and-drop technology, take advantage of predefined sections and pages to inspire your web design, and even receive ready-to-use pages with 6 to get started hostgator review.

hostgator website builder tool
hostgator website builder tool

Additional features include:

  • SEO tools for better search engine results.
  • Integration of social networks
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • HD video inlay
  • Brand removal
  • Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce shopping cart and inventory management.
  • Discount code

Available for purchase individually, completely with hosting services, the Website Builder also comes with all other hosting plans offered to customers hostgator reviews


They allow customers to have completely control over everything related to the domain name. To start, buy your .com, .org or .co ( to name a few ) domain name directly from your cPanel hosting.

Use your convenient domain name search tool to see if the URL you are looking for is available. Or, if you are switching to HostGator from another hosting provider, simply transfer your existing domain name and enjoy a free year extension hostgator review.

hostgator domain name
hostgator domain name

With each hosting plan, you also receive the following free domain name features:

  • Domain Lock Prevent someone from sequestering your domain name and using it for yourself when blocking it.
  • Domain Renewal Once you have transferred your existing domain name, or acquired one through your cPanel, let it renew automatically every year to avoid accidental expiration.
  • CPanel management. Manage all the aspects of your domain name directly from your cPanel.


HostGator knows there is more to running a successful website than having a solid hosting provider. That is why they offer valuable marketing tools to help you expand the reach of your website, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions hostgator reviews

SEO Review

Having an SEO strategy implemented helps your website be in the popular search engines. In fact, optimizing your site for SEO will increase your ranking and visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you need help formulating an SEO strategy, contact them for a free SEO consultation . hostgator review From there, your dedicated Marketing Project Coordinator will help you launch the perfect marketing campaign by auditing your site and conducting a thorough investigation of keywords related to your business niche.

hostgator seo services
hostgator seo services

Here is the breakdown of few of the strategies that your Marketing Project Coordinator will implement on your website to help influence search engine results:

  • Keyword Research Your internal marketing experts will find the keywords that best relate to your niche, that will help you move up the search rankings and that will resonate more with your target audience. In addition, they will learn what terms are most used by their target audience in search queries, and monitor the success of your site’s keywords hostgator reviews
  • Content creation Use your specialized team to create original content to drive traffic to your site and increase your audience.
  • Optimization on the page. Let them optimize your site in terms of page titles, meta descriptions and header tags so that your site is indexed for better search rankings.

PPC services

Another great service offered to customers to help increase sales is their Pay-per-Click Services , also known as PPC. Targeting customers with paid ads is a great way to encourage people to visit your site and ultimately make a sale hostgator review .

This is what you get when you use their PPC services:

  • Keyword Research Internal marketing experts will use both local and global targeting methods, verify the keywords used on multiple devices & find the exact targeted audience your own business need. They will be also help develop a “negative keyword list” so you stop attracting the wrong kind of audience to your website hostgator reviews
  • Campaign Administration Calls to actions, phone numbers, location information and direct links to your site are all included in your PPC ads. Also, see your paid experts help increase your optimization score, keeping it within your cost per click on the budget hostgator review .

In the end, they take care of helping their clients succeed. Providing SEO help & personalized marketing strategies, along with the free Google AdWords and Bing Ads credits, there is no reason why your website cannot prosper.


They offer their customers some exceptional premium services for those with little room for maneuver in their budget.


With the HostGator CodeGuard service, you receive features such as:

  • Automatic daily backups in the cloud.
  • 16GB of storage
  • Use on up to 5 websites
  • Unlimited databases and files
  • 3 is restored per month
  • Email notifications of unauthorized changes
  • Easy administration: view changes, schedule site monitoring and manage email alerts

Start at $ 2.00 / month, this premium service is well be worth the small price.

Web design

Your full-service professional web designers in the company will provide you with premium templates with impressive web design and up to 3 pages of SEO-compatible content created just for your website.

In addition, your site will be based on the most popular content management system to date, WordPress, which is known for being easy to use and flexible.

Additional features of its web design services include:

  • An SEO expert available to plan strategies to attract more traffic to your site.
  • Full web design built with responsive design.
  • Check monthly phone calls to discuss the success of your marketing campaign.
  • Personalized training to ensure you can manage your website in the future

You will also receive the e-commerce integration, complete with up to 10 product pages and OpenCart payment processing and shipping solutions hostgator reviews


There will be always advantages and disadvantages with any web hosting provider that you choose to use. That’s why it is importants to evaluate your priorities and make sure that the solution you choose does not sacrifice any of those priorities hostgator review .


There are many causes why they are such a popular hosting company. Let’s see what are the benefits of using their shared hosting services hostgator reviews

Solid activity time and service

They provide guarantee 99.9% uptime , which is great news for any website owner. However, it is an important to keep in mind that this is the standard and that, in general, nothing less is tolerated.

Extra to that, HostGator is prepared to compensate its customers. With a credit of one month if, at any time, the server does not comply with the 99.9% uptime guarantee hostgator review .

hostgator uptime
hostgator uptime

They also provide customers with 24/7/365 assistance by phone, live chat and email (ticket system). Using its convenient Support Portal , you can contact a hosting expert, consult some of the community forums and even access video tutorials to help you solve problems on your own hostgator reviews.

One-click free site transfer and facilities

Again, this service is usually the norm for most web hosting provider, however, HostGator makes transfer from another host to them super simple way. Simply sign up for the web hosting plan you want to use and let HostGator do the rest. .

Also, if you are new to owning a website, and HostGator is the first hosting solution you have used, you can be sure that installing your preferred CMS is as easy as clicking a few buttons during registration. With its QuickInstall tool, you can easily configure your website without worrying about having technical knowledge hostgator review .

(Almost) all unlimited

Save for the most basic shared web hosting plan, which limits domains to 1, offers HostGator All unlimited (well, more or less – see below) something else that is a lot since your hosting plans are so cheap to start.

Unlimited storage space means you can store as much data as you need. This allows a seemingly unlimited growth of your website while using an affordable shared hosting plan.

Having unmeasured bandwidth means that you can move an unlimited amount of data between your host server, your site visitors and the Internet. This is excellent to ensure the speed and performance of your website, especially in a shared hosting plan hostgator review .

You also received unlimited databases , which means you can have as many WordPress installed as you wants. This is the good for those who have many customers and want to try the changes on the website before publishing them.

“Unlimited” web hosting is a myth and at least HostGator is transparent in terms of limited resource usage. They offer “all unlimited”, provided that you:

  • Do not use more than 25% of the central processing unit (CPU) of the server
  • It does not run more than 25% simultaneous processes in cPanel
  • Do not have more than 25% simultaneous MySQL connections
  • It not create more than 100,000 files in cPanel
  • Do not check more than 30 emails per hour
  • Do not send more than 500 emails per hour.

However, there is no limitation on:

  • Bandwidth you use
  • Email accounts you create


As with everything, there will be some disadvantages when using such a cheap and shared hosting solution. Let’s look at some of the things they can work on and if they will affect your final decision hostgator review .

Limited features

While the features provided are fairly standard, and unlimited everything is fine, the truth is that HostGator does not offer users of shared hosting many extras .

Since this type of web hosting is not managed, you will have to handle the administrative work that your website needs, on your own . This means daily backups ( although they will make weekly backups ), updates of any kernel, add-ons or themes that you use ( unless you opt for the slightly more expensive WordPress hosting management ), and security measures, are all your responsibility hostgator reviews .

Expensive domains

Although they offer comfort when it comes to managing everything related to the domain, it is worth noting that some of their domain name prices are a bit high .

Good to know, because even if you decide to opt for a shared plan, you can always register and renew your domain name with another less expensive company and simply direct your DNS to HostGator directly from cPanel.

It is part of EIG

Again, I will not try to influence you in any way when it comes to International Resistance Group (EIG) . However, most people who review web hosting companies will say that a hosting company that is part of EIG runs the risk of harboring a bad reputation.

That’s because if you went to hosting company A ( that’s part of EIG and you didn’t know it ) and have a bad experience, and move on to hosting company B ( also part of EIG and you didn’t know it ), who can Say your experience will improve?

Just keep in mind that HostGator is part of this organization and that the way EIG manages things is likely to seep into the way HostGator handles them hostgator review .


Here you will be find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is

HostGator is a web hosting service company that offers a variety of web hosting services, such as shared services, resellers, VPS, Cloud and dedicated servers. In addition, they offer specific WordPress hosting and Windows. They have two data center located in Texas (USA) and Provo, Utah (USA). Its official website is . Read more on his Wikipedia page

Does HostGator offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. They are offer a full refund if you cancel your own account within the first 45 days after using your services. However, this is only applies to shared, reseller and VPS hosting solutions.

What kind of support does HostGator offer its customers?

They provide support throughout the year by phone, live chat and email (ticket system). You can also access a member of the support team 24/7 and get answers to any questions you may have.

Will HostGator migrate my current sites for free?

Yes. They offer free site migration, even for the cheapest shared hosting plan they offer.

What is the HostGator uptime guarantee?

Not unlike many hosting providers, they guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. In extra to that, you will be credited with a month of service for any downtime below 99.9% that your website experiences, emphasizing the fact that they are serious about the hosting of your website.

Does HostGator offer SSL, SSD and CDN certificates?

This depends on the web hosting plan you choose. For example, if you decide to opt for the most premium shared web hosting plan, yes, you will be receive a free private SSL certificates. However, for the most basic plans, this is’t the case. Unfortunately, you will be have to invest in the WordPress managed hosting plan to receive access to free CDN services and use a dedicated server to have the option of using SSD storage.

Does HostGator offer site backups?

They make random weekly backups for the times you need to restore your website. It is recommended that you have implemented some other backup method, such as your premium CodeGuard service.

Will I receive a free domain name with HostGator?

No. They no longer offer new customers a free domain name when they register.

What payment methods does HostGator accept?

They accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. They also accept paypal, personal checks, money orders and bank transfers.

What is CodeGuard?

Your CodeGuard service is a paid add-on that provides automatic backups of your site. CodeGuard also monitors your site and sends you alerts if any changes occur. And finally, CodeGuard offers to a restore option so you can easily revert your website to an earlier version.

Can I trust the comments of HostGator on Reddit and Quora?

Yes, Quora and Reddit are excellent places to learn more about the company and get comments, questions and opinions from real people and customers who use them. Examine customer comments on Reddit , and on the Quora . Reviewing sites like Yelp and TrustPilot can also be useful.

What is the best HostGator alternative?

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting providers that exist. However, if you are looking for web hosts and are looking for a good alternative to HostGator, here are my recommendations. I think the best alternative for HostGator is Bluehost (same price but better features, however, it is also owned by EIG). The best alternative without EIG is Iart (read my comment to see why SiteGround is # 1)

Are HostGator and Bluehost the same company?

No, HostGator and Bluehost are separate companies; but both are subsidiaries of the International Resistance Group (EIG) . EIG also owns hosting companies such as iPage , FatCow, HostMonster, JustHost, Arvixe, A Small Orange, Site5, eHost and a lot of smaller web hosts.

Where can I find the HostGator coupon codes?

The best place for find a HostGator coupon code is to visit our Hostgator deals page . Here you can search for excellent web hosting offers and domain names and make sure you get 100% valid coupons.


For those looking for a simple and cheap shared hosting solution, Yes, I think HostGator should be an option to consider .


For those who want a little more speed, security and features, then I recommend their plans in the cloud. .

Especially your managed WordPress hosting This option gives you the speed and security you need without the high price tag.

Despite being part of the EIG, they have the reputation of being one of the best web hosting providers in the market. They not only provide excellent shared hosting for site owners, but also offer many other exceptional solutions.

In fact, big name likes WPBeginner love to sharing their positive experiences with the use of their dedicated server solution.

With an integrated site creator, an easy-to-use cPanel and a quick installation tool to get your preferred CMS ( and other software ) installed on your site in minutes, HostGator is definitely a favorite .

That said, its set of features is minimal, and although its customer service is top notch and its guarantee of uptime is worthwhile, they may not have all the things you are looking for.

Therefore, research and be sure to prioritize the features you need to make your business successful before registering to be a customer with them.

FTC Disclosure: to get the cheapest price possible, I will earn a small commission if you decide to buy a hosting using my links.

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