Hostinger review My list of 9 professional and the 4 disadvantages of using Hostinger’s cheap web hosting services (starting at just $ 0.80 / month!)

With the new users of 15,000 who register on their web hosting every day, and more than 29, millions of users host them with them. Hostinger must be doing something right! Right? Well that’s what this Hostinger Review aims to find out.

Hostinger’s promise is to create an easy-to-use, reliable and developer-friendly web hosting service that offers stellar features, security, fast speed and excellent customer service at an affordable price for everyone. My Hostinger review .

But can they keep their promises and keep up with the other great players in the web hosting game? with hostinger review

TL; DR : Hostinger review it is one of the cheapest hosting providers (from just $ 0.80 / month) , offering shared hosting, WordPress hosting and cloud hosting services at great prices without compromising the excellent features, reliable uptime and Page loading speeds that are faster than the industry average.




  • 30-day trouble-free money back guarantee
  • Unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth
  • Free domain name (except in the entry level plan)
  • Free daily and weekly data backups
  • Free SSL certificate and Bitninja security in all plans
  • Solid activity time and super fast server response times
  • 1-click WordPress autoinstaller


  • No phone support
  • Free SSL Let’s Encryp must be manually configured in additional domains


Do I recommend Hostinger? Yes, I recommend them. They offering solid and reliable web hosting services, both for beginners and for experienced webmasters at great prices, without compromising the essential features such as performance, speed and security. Being one of the cheapest web hosts doesn’t hurt either. hostinger review for all.

By clicking on this link, you get 82% off the sale price and you can host your website for only $ 0.80 per month .


1.Hostinger Pros

There are a lot of good things about this web hosting service. Here I will be take a close look at the pros of using this web hosting.

2.The cons

But there are also some negative aspects. Here I will be take a closer look at the cons you need to consider.

3.Plans and Prices

Here I will take you through the differents Plan and their prices. . I will also take a closer looks at the plan I most recommend, your new cloud hosting .

4. Hostinger Review Summary

Here is my Hostinger Review Summary where I told you if I recommend them or if I think it’s better to go with an alternative.

hostinger review
hostinger review

Let’s take a looks at the pros and cons of using Hostinger’s cheap web hosting services. read hostinger review


They have many good things for them and here I will take a look at the things I like about them.


It is imperative that your website load quickly. Any web page that takes more than a few seconds to load will cause customer frustration and, ultimately, customers will leave your site.

If your website takes more than 5 to load, then you can forget that person visits your website.

They have servers in the United States, Asia and Europe (United Kingdom). Your servers use a 1000 Mbps connection, and having a fast connection like that will affect your speed.

But how fast are they exactly? Well, fast enough to be exact.

I created a test site in Hostinger using Twenty Sevente in WordPress theme.

hostinger speed test
hostinger speed test

The test website loaded in just 1 second . Not bad but hope it gets better.

Hostinger review it recently launched a cloud hosting service that comes with built-in caching.

hostinger cache manager
hostinger cache manager

By simply activating the “automatic cache” menu in the Cache Manager settings, I was able to eliminate another 0.2 seconds of loading time.

hostinger speed test
hostinger speed test

This resulted in the loading of the test site in just 0.8 seconds . Simply alternating a “switch” from off to on. Now that is quite impressive!

I recommend you take a look at your new cloud hosting plans .

You can check prices and more details about their Cloud Hosting here .

How does Hostinger server speed compare to some of its main competitors? I like Iart and Bluehost ?

hostinger speed servers

All in all, it is quite safe to say that one of its objectives is speed and that is what distinguishes them from many other web hosting options available to customers.


You have probably never found an easy-to-use web hosting service before, but I will show you that it is indeed possible.

Here is a bit of preference, but mainly the control panel uses the same concept as Microsoft mosaics. You can easily see the category or menu, as well as an image that provides some information if you are not sure what you are doing.

hostinger hpanel
hostinger hpanel

With these large buttons, you can be find anything you need at any time. They are not trying to hide features or settings to keep their space cleaner. Instead, they exhibit everything, so everything you need is at your fingertips.


If you have previously used another web hosting service, you may lose the cPanel. The hosting cPanel seems to be the only consistent features among web hosting services, but many new users have difficulty navigating and finding what they need.

How to install WordPress on Hostinger

WordPress installation Could not be easier. Below I will show you how.

1 First, select the URL where WordPress should be installed

installing wordpress
installing wordpress

2 Next, create the WordPress administrator account

create wordpress admin
create wordpress admin

3. Then add some additional information about your website.

extra information
extra information

Finally your WordPress The site is being installed.

install wordpress
install wordpress

Access the login information and details

wordpress login
wordpress login

There you have it, you have WordPress installed and ready in just three simple clicks!


Hostinger review – Most people think that all they need is an SSL certificate and they will be fine. However, that is not the case, you need many more security measures than that to protect your site, and that is something that Hostinger review understands and offers to its users.

bitninja smart security
bitninja smart security

Bitninja is included in all plans. It is a real-time all-in-one protection set that prevents XSS, DDoS, malware, script injection, brute force and other automatic attacks.

Each plan also comes with SpamAssassin , it is a spam filter that automatically searches for and deletes spam.

All plans are included with:

  • SSL certificate
  • Cloudflare protection
  • Daily and weekly data backups
  • BitNinja Smart Security Protection
  • SpamAssassin Protection

I thank Hostinger review for taking security so seriously, considering their web hosting plans that are already cheap and can still provide industry-leading security measures.


Hostinger review it is moving with the big names in the website building market because this web hosting service helps you build your website from scratch.

What’s Hostinger offers is the opportunity to create an unique site. They stay away from the issues that make each site look the same.

Regardless of the plan you go with, you can find the template that best suits your appearance and customize it.

hostinger website builder

Each part of the page is fully customizable, so there is no reason why you cannot design the website of your dreams. Your templates are beautiful, and the custom website design is easy to navigate.

When you are ready to put your site on the Internet for all to see, you will choose a free domain name if you are using the Premium or Cloud package. Domain names can be a bit difficult because at first they seem very cheap. But, domain names can be quite expensive.

website builder
website builder

If you can save some money on a domain name now, it is worth the cost of using a web hosting service.

Best of all, building a site with Hostinger requires zero percent coding or technical knowledge. another important part of hostinger review.


hostinger knowledgebase
hostinger knowledgebase

That’s right, Hostinger wants to share his knowledge with you, so they provide a complete knowledge base including:

  • General information
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Video tutorials

These useful tools are useful for anyone new to working with a web hosting platform. You can learn to solved your problem while waiting for the customer service staff to respond.

Unlike most WordPress web hosting sites, you won’t have to alternate between your Hostinger website and a YouTube Video to find a feature. Its learning-based business platform also pushes users to learn by communicating with support staff. All customer service support staff addresses their chat conversations with the mentality of a teacher.

This goal of education has made a big difference in collaboration with the client. There are more errors reported, and users immediately notice when something on your website is not quite right.


Hostinger review – Although Hostinger uses the same tactics as all other web hosting websites, they have excellent prices. In fact, Hostinger is one of the most cheapest web servers on the market. and include the registration of one domain name for free. Yes, you must have to pay for others, but they are still affordable prices.

hostinger cheap hosting
hostinger cheap hosting

There is much to say about their prices, but above all, the approach is that you get many functions for very little money.

By clicking on this link, you get 82% off the sale price and you can host your website for only $ 0.80 per month .


Hostinger review – Many people forget the benefits of email tools. When a customer registers with Hostinger, using the best level 2 plans, he has access to unlimited email accounts at no charge. Usually, site owners are very stingy with their email accounts because they quickly become expensive.

But, with Hostinger, the site owner who accesses webmail from anywhere and manages the accounts. Other users can also access their email when it is convenient for them.

email services
email services

Email tools include:

  • Email Forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • SpamAssassin Protection

These features are among few of the best features available in any web hosting service. Forwarding email can facilitate the sending of documents, videos or e-books to your customers. It also means that you will not have to give a personal email address or even leave your web hosting website.

Hostinger review it uses its high quality email tools to become your communication center with your staff, your team and your customers. Hostinger has found what website owners need and delivered with outstanding results. Hostinger review it also has a partnership with Flock to offer better email function to its customers. Flock is a productivity, messaging and collaboration tools, which is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and desktop. Flock is also available to all Hostinger users.


Hostinger review – There are a lot of things that can go wrong for a customer service team. Unfortunately, customer service for Hostinger is not the complete equipment it should be. Instead, you get exceptional service after a long wait.

hostinger support
hostinger support

Long waiting times aside, customer service is outstanding. Your support staff is very knowledgeable and explain what they are doing to solve your problem.

However, Hostinger review – it has significantly improved response times from a customer success team . The average chat capture time now takes less than 2 minutes.

It is not only the dream of the secret tech support person that one day you can fix it yourself, but they really want to share what they are doing.

hostinger live chat
hostinger live chat

Many people enjoy transferring maintenance responsibilities to their web hosting service and they call it one day, but the customer service team has a way to attract and involve it.

When we began to see the pros and cons of Hostinger review, there was a clear indication that customer service would fall into both segments.


Hostinger does what each web hosting platform should do: keep your site online!

Although any web hosting will occasionally have downtime, it is expected that you only regularly schedule maintenance or updates, but you don’t want your site to be idle for more than a few hours.

hostinger uptime
hostinger uptime

Ideally, you have scheduled downtime without keeping your site offline for more than 3 to 5 for the course of the month. You are looking for 99.40% uptime .


Each website hosting option has its disadvantages, but the question comes down to what it is willing to support and what not. Hostinger is no exception. They have some negative aspects, but their positive aspects are very convincing and that makes it difficult to miss this hosting service.


The biggest drawback here is that you must log in (that is, you must create an account) in order to access the live chat. It is not the biggest thing in the world, but it can be a negative factor for some.

Customer service is a double-edged sword. Their support teams are outstanding and very well informed. But getting in touch with them can be a bit annoying.

slow support
slow support

Hostinger’s ability to chat live is useful, and they use Intercom, where all the chats are stored and, if you want to return and read the 5-month conversations, everything will be available to you.

Then, your customer service person may need to find another resource to make sure they give you the right information. When it comes to waiting times, you will probably be frustrated.

Hostinger review – There is also the problem of not being able to contact a customer service person until you have logged into your account. This restriction means that you cannot ask questions before going through the registration process. You can send a general query that will create a kind of ticket, but will also have a delayed response.


Hostinger review about The cPanel was the only constant feature in almost all web hosting services during the last decade. Now, Hostinger has taken it from him. For new website owners, it is not so important that they cannot lose what they never had.

However, when considering experienced website owners and developers who spend many hours a day working on their web hosting service, it is a big disappointment.

The simple configuration of your custom control panel is nice, but many experienced website owners and developers prefer familiarity to simplicity.

Advanced users would greatly appreciate the option of a cPanel over the Hostinger control panel. Again, this is not a problem for most users, but some of us prefer the good cPanel.


Hostinger review – Although the plans are only a few dollars a month, the price is a stumbling block in this Hostinger web hosting review. The problem is not the price itself; It is the price that comes next and the fact that you have to pay annually.

Through experience and research, there are very few, if any, web hosting services that allow you to pay month to month. But everyone likes to announce that the service costs only $ 3.99 per month!

That’s great, but once you add the security (that you need) and taxes, you’re paying about $ 200 because as soon as you try to pay only 12 months, suddenly it’s $ 6.99 a month instead of $ 3.99.

These nasty tactics are not limited to Hostinger in any way because many other web servers use the same tactic. But it is disappointing to see them sink and use these annoying tricks.

Hostinger have a continuous “On sale” option for its first year, and after that, if you sign up for a longer period, you save on overhead costs.

With Hostinger you must be commit to 48 months of service. If you decide that they are not your best decision after the 30-day money back guarantee, you will have to climb mountains trying to get your money back.

However, they have no problem updating you if you want to level up. What comes down to this is the trouble of using low prices to attract people and then surprise them in the subtotal!


Apart from the basic price configuration, there are 2 problems with payments. The first relates to the 30-day money-back guarantee without problems. Within 30 days, there are some exceptions that do not qualify for a refund, and are:

  • Domain transfer
  • Any web hosting payment made after the free trial
  • Some ccTLD records
  • SSL certificates

CcTLD records are not common, but include:

  • . EU
  • .it is
  • .nl
  • .it is
  • . AC
  • . H.
  • Much more

These restrictions on your money back guarantee are more a frustration than anything else. It may have something to do with the transfer of money that could result in fees.

Finally, the last disadvantage regarding payment is that, regardless of the plan you are in, Hostinger only provides the website of 1. That means you have to pay for any additional domain. These domains range from $ 0.99 to more than $ 17.00, depending on the extension you select .


This is a very affordable web server compared to other shared web hosting services that exist.

Here are your three shared hosting plans and features included:

Price:$ 0.80 / month$ 2.15 / month$ 3.45 / month
Web page:Only 1UnlimitedUnlimited
Disk space:10 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth:100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Databases:MySQL 1UnlimitedUnlimited
Website creator:YesYesYes
Speed:n / a3x optimized5x optimized
Data backups:Daily
SSL certificatesLet’s encryptedLet’s encrypted SSLPrivate SSL
Money Back Guarantees30 days30 days30 days

The most important thing to remember with prices is your permanent “sale” for your first monthly payment of 48.

The cheapest option, the single shared hosting is only $ 0.80 per month, while the commercial package is $ 3.45 per month.

These prices are almost unbeatable, and would be excellent even without the permanent sale that Hostinger is carrying out.


They recently launched a new cloud web hosting service , and it’s quite amazing. It is the web hosting I recommend and what made my test website loading in just 0.8 seconds.

Basically, they are created a powerful combination of two services (shared web hosting & VPS) and called it business web hosting. The services combines the power of a dedicated server with an easy-to-use hPanel. Basically, it runs on VPS without having to deal with the entire backend.

Price:$ 7.45 / month$ 14.95 / month$ 27.45 / month
Free domains:YesYesYes
Disk spaces:40 GB80 GB160 GB
CPU Cores:246
Speed increase:n / a2X3X
Cache Manager:YesYesYes
Isolated resources:YesYesYes
Activity time monitoring:YesYesYes
1-Click Installer:YesYesYes
Daily backups:YesYesYes
24/7 Live support:YesYesYes
Free SSL:YesYesYes
Money Back Guarantees30 days30 days30 days

Hostinger review of cloud hosting plans Providing you with the power of a dedicated server without the technical struggle to succeed online offers speed and reliability.

However, it is a very powerful type of accommodation without technical skills, since it is fully managed by a dedicated 24/7 support that will help you every step of the way.


Probably the most common question is about your money back. They offer a 30 Day money-back guarantee and, unlike other hosting services that make it a nuisance to get some kind of refund, you can contact them and tell them that they decided it was not a good option for you hostinger review.

Of course, they will ask you questions, but you will not get someone to try to sell you more or lock you in a contract.

The 30-day refund is guaranteed to be trouble free. This makes it an excellent option for new bloggers or entrepreneurs who are not sure they can handle the technical aspect.

Here are some frequently asked question:

Question: What is Hostinger?

Answer Hostinger is a web hosting service company based in Lithuania in Europe that offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Windows VPS, email hosting, WordPress hosting, Minecraft hosting (with more on the way, like GTA, CS GO) and domains name. Hostinger is a mother company of 000Webhost, Niagahoster and Weblink. You can find their official website here . hostinger review

Question: Do you get’s a free domain with Hostinger?

Answer Registration of a domain name is offered free of charge if you sign up for your annual Business or Premium shared hosting plan.

Question: What payment methods do you accept?

Answer They accept most of credit cards, as well as the PayPal, Bitcoin and most others cryptocurrencies.

Question: Is it a good web hosting for ecommerce? Do you offer SSL, shopping carts and payment processing?

Answer Yes, it is a good web hosting provider for online stores, as they provide a free SSL certificate , as well as fast servers and security features to ensure that your online store loads fast and is secure.

Question: Do you offer a guarantee of uptime and reimburse you for downtime?

Answer Response Offer a 99.9% service standard service time guarantee for the industry. If you do not meet this level of service, you can request a 5% credit of your monthly lodging rate.

Question: Is it a good web hosting services for WordPress?

Answer Yes, they are fully support WordPress blogs and sites. They offer 1-click WordPress installation through the control panel.


All of them! That’s right, all the features Hostinger has to offer are available to you. The best 2 plans are worth the investment if you are launching a business or looking to create a site that sees a lot of traffic.

You will have access to an unlimited number of email accounts at no cost to you. You will also have these great features:

  • Emails autoresponders
  • Enable and disable accounts
  • Provide emails forwarded to customers
  • Spam Filtering

There are many more excellent functions, but the functions listed here are those that benefit all users. If you are looking for a large set of features, Premium or Cloud plans are your best option. hostinger review

You can be also sure to find these features in each plan, including the monthly $ 0.80 entry level plan.

  • SSL support
  • SSD servers
  • DDoS protection
  • Anti-malware protection
  • E-mail accounts
  • Free site builder and a free domain name
  • FTP accounts
  • Website transfer
  • About 200 website templates
  • Auto Script Installer
  • Choice of server location

These features make them stand out from others web hosting services, as they include more features at lower prices.


Okay, you may have never heard of them before. They started in 2004 and has been growing rapidly since then.

In 2007, was made , a free web hosting service without advertising. Then, in 2011 they became the web hosting company they are today.

They have more over 29 million users in 178 countries worldwide, and get an average of 15,000 new subscriptions every day. That is a new client that registers every 5 seconds!

So, is Hostinger is good and safe to use? Well, the above should be speak for itself, and I think its shared hosting platform is made up of some pretty amazing feature at some of the lowest prices in the web hosting industry.


Yes, I think it’s an excellent web hosting.

For complete beginner as well as for experienced webmasters.

There are so many excellent features at great prices regardless of the plan you decide to buy.

The shared web hosting plan that I recommend is your Premium Package , as this offers the most significant value. You get almost all the benefits of the cloud hosting package at a much lower cost. But be careful with their deceptive prices! my hostinger review.

When you are looking to set up your web hosting account, determine if you need 5 times the speed estimate. If so, the cloud hosting plan is right for you.

But the plan that I really recommend, if you can afford it, is your cloud hosting . It is your “hybrid” web hosting and VPS web hosting service. This is da bomb!

Probably, the most lost feature in Hostinger review that almost any other web hosting website has is telephone support. Many people who use Hostinger are new users who need help, but for most users, live chat and emails / tickets should be enough.

But Hostinger makes up for it with its in-depth video tutorials and easy-to-follow tutorials. Its excellent chat service is fantastic and its staff is very efficient.

Throughout in this Hostinger Review I have repeatedly mentioned convenience, ease of use, simple interface and, of course, cheap price. These features that adapt to the user experience make it the best option for any new or experienced website owner.

By clicking on this link, you get 82% off the sale price and host your site for only $ 0.80 per month .

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