My Siteground review list of 11 professionals and the 2 disadvantages of using SiteGround web hosting during the last 24 months

Iart It is considered one of the best web hosting companies there is. But come on, can they really be THAT good? Seriously! Well, that is exactly what this SiteGround Review aims to find out.

I admited that at first I was a bit skeptical, but that changed quickly. In fact so much that I moveing this site to them about theirGrowbig GoGeek plan.

TL; DR : SiteGround hosting has set-up a new industry standard when it come to high-performance web hosting and WordPress Hosting Services. While they are outpaced by prices and additional bonuses from competitors such as Bluehost, SiteGround works much better when it comes to performance and main hosting features. If the speed and security of the site are more important to you , then you should pay a little more and use SiteGround hosting.



Do I recommend SiteGround hosting? Definitely! In fact, so much that I decide to host this website with them. There is a reason why SiteGround is one of the fastest growing independent web hosting company. Because no other shared web hosting services can overcome them in technical characteristics such as speed, performance, security and uptime siteground review. This makes them the # 1 option for anyone who worries about having a fast loading website, with good uptime and security, along with excellent customer support and a cheap price.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free site migration service.
  • Free daily automatic backups and restoration
  • Automatic WordPress installation (and officially backed by siteground review
  • Managed WordPress hosting in all plans
  • Innovative speeds technologies (SSD, HTTP / 2, PHP7, NGINX + more)
  • Free SSL certificate and CloudFlare CDN


  • Limited data storage
  • Strict policy of excessive data use

Due to its dedication to uptime, speed, security and support, it really is the top web server right now! And I’m not the only one who ❤️ them.

SiteGround hosting is the # 1 favorite web hosting in many surveys / surveys on Facebook :

siteground facebook polls
siteground facebook polls

Siteground review Take a look at the polls on Facebook: / wphosting / permalink / 1327545844043799 /

Its speed technology. It is what people like best. They also get positive comments and ratings on Twitter :

siteground review twitter
siteground review twitter

In this SiteGround review, I will analyze the most important features of SiteGround hosting, how are your pricing plans and analyze the advantages and disadvantages ( because they are not 100% perfect ) to help you decide before Register with SiteGround for your website, blog or store online.

This site is hosted by SiteGround hosting and in recent months, I have monitored and analyzed uptime, speed and overall performance. to see how well my site works with them siteground review . I have even set up a test website using the default WordPress theme. You can jump directly to the activity time results here .

Just give me about 10 minutes of your time, and I will give you all the “essential” data and answer questions like.

  • How much does the hosting cost?
  • What is the difference between StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek?
  • Can I chooses a server locations?
  • What are the most pros and cons of using them?
  • What is the best plan for WordPress sites?
  • Will they take automatic backups of my website?
  • What do they do to speeds up my website?
  • Does it comes with SSD?
  • What about CDN and SSL?
  • Will they help transfer my website to them?
  • What is your SuperCacher complement for? I like WordPress?

When you have finished reading this, you will be know if the web hosting service is correct (or incorrect) for your use siteground review

Siteground review it offers excellent hosting that comes packed with additional features and is generally not the cheapest web host there is.

However, their prices at this time coincide with some of the cheapest in the business (from $ 3.95 per month, below $ 11.95 per month).

By clicking on this link, you can host your website for only $ 3.95 per month (below $ 11.95 per month ).


1. Main features

Here I will cover the main features and with what come the web hosting services of siteground review .

2. List of pros and cons

Here I will go into more details and cover what The pros and cons are (or jump directly to the pros or cons ).

3. Accommodation plans and prices

Here I will cover plans and prices and what are the characteristics for each plan.

4. Do I recommend SiteGround?

Here is my Summary of the SiteGround review where I tell you if I recommend them, or if you better register with a competitor.

When you are setting up a website, especially one that will serve as a source of income, you should know that you can trust that your host will provide you with excellent services and assistance.

If your site is down or has technical failures that affect the user experience, you will end up losing money. That is not good!

So let’s talk about SiteGround hosting. What makes them special? Why do so many people talk about them?

#Interesting fact

WordPress Hospedar is a closed Facebook group with almost 7,000 members dedicated exclusively to WordPress hosting.

Each year members are asks to vote for their favorite web hosting. Can you guess which one? WordPress Does the web host have more votes?

It’s okay. SiteGround has been voted # 1 WordPress host for two years in a row now (# 1 in Survey of 2017 and # 1 in Survey of 2016 )

siteground winner facebook poll
siteground winner facebook poll

This SiteGround review (update 2020) will discuss the main features of SG and explain why you should consider using it for your hosting needs.

Before moving on to the review here, I will give you a quick summary of what SiteGround hosting is and what they offer.


  • SiteGround was established in 2004 and its headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria .
  • Siteground review They are offer a range of hosting services; from shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, reseller hosting , dedicated servers and business hosting. .
  • All plans come with managed WordPress hosting .
  • He is an official partner of
  • Free SSD Units Come included in all shared hosting plans.
  • The servers are powered by PHP7 Cache, HTTP / 2 and NGINX +
  • All customers get one for free. SSL Certificate (Encrypt) and CloudFlare CDN .
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee .
  • Official website:

Now let’s dive into the siteground review …


They have a lot of excellent features, but there are four main features that really set them apart from other web hosts.

This help explain why SiteGround hosting is recommended by WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and why it receives such enthusiastic support from users and excellent customer reviews.

siteground recommended by wordpress joomla drupal
siteground recommended by wordpress joomla drupal


When it comes to making a website easy to use, one of the most important issues is speed.

Once I moved this site to them, I immediately had a much faster loading website.

To test this, I used Check byte , a tool that measures the time to the first byte (TTFB). In other words, it measure the responsiveness of a web server.

The results were incredible. In fact, the time on my homepage for the first byte was from 2.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds once I changed.

bytecheck before after
bytecheck before after

Using GTmetrix , my homepage load time was from 6.9 seconds to 1.6 seconds after I moved my site. That’s a faster charging time 5.3 seconds!

gtmetrix before and after
gtmetrix before and after

My homepage is loading Pingdom speed we went from 4.96 seconds to 581 milliseconds later I moved through. That is quite amazing!

pingdom before after
pingdom before after

Sites that load slowly are not likely to climb to the top in any niche.

siteground speed
siteground speed

Why? Because web user are notoriously impatients. In fact, studies shows that if a page has not been loaded in three seconds, users are likely to browse for something faster, and the longer the wait, the more people will lose.

Siteground review As a result, SiteGround takes website speed seriously . And its expert developers are always working on new technologies to help improve site load times, and it shows.

siteground speed technology
siteground speed technology

These are some of the specific technologies they use to guarantee fast charging times to their customers:

  • Solid State Units (SSD) They are up to a thousand times faster than normal units. All databases and sites hosted by SiteGround hosting use SSD for storage.
  • NGINX web server technology helps accelerate the loading time of static content on your website. Siteground review All SG customer sites get the benefit of NGINX web server technologies.
  • Web caching play a key role in loading dynamic contents from your website. They have built their own caching mechanisms, SuperCacher , which is based on the NGINX reverse proxy. The results is faster loading of dynamic content and better optimization of website speed.
  • Free Content Distribution Network (CDN) and HTTP / 2 and PHP7 enabled servers help speed up loading times around the world by making your content more accessible.
  • It was the first web server to launch PHP 7.3 (October 24, 2018)

Siteground review In additions to all of the above, they make periodic updates of their technology to ensure that the sites they host do not fall behind because they have not kept up with technological changes. The results is the fastest loading times available.


It seems that just a day goes by without news of a new online security breach. Individuals, corporations and even governments entities have been victims.

The truth is that security is an important concern for anyone who has a website.

siteground security features
siteground security features

SiteGround offers the most reliable security available. You will still have to do your part to keep your site safe, but here are some of the Security Feature that make them unique.

  • Site isolation ensure that your site is not adversely affected if there is a security breach of one of the other sites on your server. Think of it as a hosting firewall that protects your site from hackers.
  • All your servers are compatible. HTTP / 2 technology , which is the safest option available. Many web servers are behind in this area, but not SG.
  • All your customers get the benefit of your web application firewall (WAF) , which protects against security breaches and is regularly updated.
  • Proactive patches Sent to all customers when new threats arise.

They also regularly run virus and malware tests on your site and send reports to notify you of the results, so you always know what is happening with your website. That is one of the things that users love about their web hosting service.

In 2018, SiteGround reviews it had great success in keeping customer sites well secured. They responded to three times more threats compared to last year. Statistically, they:

  • Wrote new custom firewall rules of 250
  • 125 livepatch kernel modules added
  • DDOS 186 attacks mitigated
  • 7 million brute force attacks stopped
  • Erroneous requests for 160M bots to client sites stopped
  • Every day with its AI anti-bot solution.


A hosting service can have cutting-edge technology and good security, but for most people, what matters most is what happens when things go wrong.

siteground customer tweet
siteground customer tweet

Siteground reviews it is a company that prides itself on its customer support. They make customer service a priority and is shown in their reviews and through the loyalty of their customers.

siteground customer support
siteground customer support

The fact is that their responses times leave their competitors in the dust.

Your nearest competitor has an average response time for a 44-minute support ticket, but the SiteGround hosting response time is only eight minutes.

They offer three ways to get support:

  • The live chat system will give you an immediate response and is available 24 hours a day
  • Similarly, telephone support is available 24 hours a day and will give you an instant response.
  • Sending a ticket will give you an answer in less than 10 minutes, and this response time will be even shorter if you have paid for one of your priority services.

Siteground reviews – Instead of waiting hours (or even days) of help with your site, you can count on this web hosting service to give you a timely response. Of course, that means you can pass the same excellent services to the users of your site.


As the mentioned earlier, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. In addition to feeding just below30% 33% of all Internet sites are also responsible for delivering as much as 60% of web content worldwide.

wordpress hosting installation
wordpress hosting installation

That’s why with SiteGround hosting, you get WordPress managed hosting with all hosting plans, along with a lot of excellent features:

siteground wordpress features
siteground wordpress features

These are some of its best WordPress related features:

  • All plans comes with fully managed WordPress hosting.
  • Regular, automatic WordPress updates ensure that you always have the latest version of WordPress. This option is included in all plans.
siteground managed wp hosting
siteground managed wp hosting
  • Automatic updates of installed WordPress plugins are also available in all plans.
  • The team is attentive to WordPress vulnerabilities and writes firewall WAF updates to protect it from them.
  • Its speed technologies, which were detailed above, are specifically aimed at helping WordPress sites load as quickly as possible.

You can also take advantage of its exclusive SuperCacher plug-in, which is a built-in caching plug-in that increases the number of visits your site can handle. This means that your website will load faster, even when you experience an unexpected influx of site traffic.

siteground supercacher
siteground supercacher

Note that the startup plan only comes with static caching and that the GrowBig and GoGeek Plans come with static, dynamic and Memcache caching.

Here is an explanation of the differences .

WordPress is definitely its main focus, which makes sense, given WordPress’ market dominance: they are also recommended partners for Joomla and Drupal content management systems.

The features listed above make them the favorites of both people and companies that want to have the peace of mind of a 99.99 uptime, fast site loading, cutting-edge security and top-notch customer service.


In recent months, I have supervised and analyzed the uptime, speed and overall performance. from my test site hosted on SG.

My siteground reviews test website has had an average uptime of 99.99%, which is 0.2% better than the 99.79% industry standard, which is what they promise their customers, and an average page load time well below 1 second.

  • January 2018 average uptime: 100% – Average page load time: 750 ms
  • February 2018 average uptime: 99.99% – Average page load time: 730 ms
  • March 2018 average uptime: 100% – Average page load time: 760 ms
  • April 2018 average activity time: 100% – Average page load time: 720 ms
  • May 2018 average uptime: 100% – Average page load time: 700 ms
  • June 2018 average uptime: 99.99% – Average page load time: 790 ms
  • July 2018 average uptime: 100% – Average page load time: 705 ms
  • August 2018 average activity time: 100% – Average page load time: 815 ms
  • September 2018 average uptime: 99% – Average page load time: 700 ms
  • October 2018 average activity time: 100% – Average page load time: 780 ms
  • November 2018 average uptime: 99.95% – Average page load time: 830 ms
  • December 2018 average uptime: 100% – Average page load time: 790 ms
  • January 2019 average uptime: 100% – Average page load time: 720 ms


Siteground reviews – The features they offer to their web hosting clients are impressive, but covering the technical aspects of their service does not really give you an idea of ​​what SiteGround can do for you on a practical level.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the real world of using this hosting company. As you will see, there are many more pros than cons, which is not surprising given its commitment to excellence.


The advantages of using SiteGround hosting to web host your website are undeniable. This is a company that pride itself on its excellent service, and it shows.

✚ SiteGround Availability Guarantee

If you have spent some time buying a web host, you are familiar with the importance of uptime. The percentage of uptime of a hosting company tells you how often, on average, you can expect your website to be “inactive” or unavailable.

siteground uptime
siteground uptime

It is not possible for any hosting service to claim 100% uptime, as there are too many variables at play to be sure there will never be downtime. However, they do guarantee an uptime of 99.99% .

That is impressive for any standard, and they are up to the task. They use monitoring software that notifie them immediately when there is an interruption and works quickly to solve any problem.

To put this in perspective, 99.99% uptimes means that your site could be inactive for a little over four hours in any six month period.

Their percentages of uptime are really impressive. My siteground reviews Its overall average is 99.99% uptime, and a look at its website in April 2017 revealed:

  • An average monthly uptime for the last 30 days of 99.999%
  • An average annual activity time during the last 365 days of 99.996%

In practical terms, your customers almost never have to worry about their websites not being available.

Siteground review – loading times

I already talked about the speeds technology that they use to minimize loading times for WordPress websites, but what does it mean in practical term?

siteground reviews tweet
siteground reviews tweet

Earlier, I mentioned that mosts Internet users will give three seconds to load a site before they consider browsing. It is not much time, so if you want to keep your site visitors, your loading times must be very fast.

siteground load time performance
siteground load time performance

Sites hosted on SiteGround hosting have an average loading time of 1.3 seconds per page. That is very fast and speaks of the efficiency of the speed technology used by the company.

SiteGround reviews server response times

Another clear pros is that it has very fast server response times . Server responses time is a measure of how long it takes the server to deliver all the elements of its website to a user’s browser.

Iart has extremely fast server response times with an average of 190 milliseconds over a period of six months. That mean that, regardless of where your data is stored, your site information, both static and dynamic data, can be sent to a user’s browser almost instantly siteground review

Why does this matter? Again, it has to do with the user experience. You want people who visit your site as short as possible to consider browsing. When your server responds very quickly, as do your servers, your users are likely to remain on your site.

Multiple data centers

Siteground reviews Part of the reason that the response times of their servers are so fast is that they offer their clients access to multiple data centers Located in strategic locations around the world.

When you register, you are given the option to choose the location of your preferred server.

siteground data centers
siteground data centers

While data delivery speeds in general have accelerated considerably over the years, the physical distance between a user and the server can affect load times.

To address that problem, they have data centers at:

  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • London
  • Milan
  • Singapore

When you subscribe to hosting services, you have the opportunity to choose where you want to store your data.

Free daily backups

You know how to important it is to backup the data on your website . If you do not, you risk losing both static and dynamic data, some of which may be irreplaceable.

siteground security

If you set-up your site with siteground reviews , you should make sure you have a regular backup system, in case something happens to your website. However, in the event that your backups fails, they have you covered .

They make daily backup copies of all of their clients’ websites, so if your backup fails or you need to recover your data for any reason, you can contact customer service and obtain what you need

You get free daily backups (only one backup per day in the Startup Plan ) of your website, as well as a backup and restore service website (if you sign up for the GrowBig or GoGeek Plans ).

siteground backup features
siteground backup features

Hosting backups are like website insurance. User errors, hacks, deleted files or website updates have gone wrong, everything can be resolved instantly with a backup restore.

  • View and manage backups easily with its easy-to-use 1-click backup tool siteground review
  • Create and restore website backups quickly and easily with one click
  • Avoid data loss due to errors on the website.
  • Experiment with website updates that you can quickly undo
siteground backup cpanel
siteground backup cpanel

You can create and restore backups instantly by yourself using the 1-click backup restore tool in the easy-to-use cPanel.


It is natural to want the companies you buy to be transparent about what they do and how they do it. It is particularly important when you are going to trust a company with all the content of your website.

They have, for the most part, a large disc with transparency. When you visit their site, you will see that they show both Percentage of monthly activity time and their percentage of annual activity time. so you can see how your sites are being done.

Siteground reviews They also provide, free of charge, the IP Addresses of all their data centers . Why does it matter? Because it allows you to test the loading speed of your site from each of the data centers so you can choose the one that will provide the best user experience to your site visitors.

siteground prices
siteground prices

They are also very honest about what is included in each of their plans. Some of the higher price plans use low volume servers to ensure faster loading times. With SiteGround hosting, you’ll always know what you get in exchange for your money.

Global Reach

In general, the housing industry is very focused on the United States, and that can be a problem for people living in other countries.

SiteGround review it based in Bulgaria but they have a global perspective thats make them highly accessible to companies and people around the world.

For starters, they will accept several currencies, including:

  • American dollars
  • Pounds sterling
  • Euros
  • Australian dollars

They also have a dedicated page in Spanish and free phone numbers in various places. They also offer country-specific domain names, which makes it easier for local businesses to choose a domain name that is specific to their country. (For your information, they no longer offer a free domain name when registering.)

Cutting-edge security

Siteground reviews – We talked before about the security of the site, and one of the greatest benefits of choosing them to host your site is that you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your site is protected by some of the best security tools available.

siteground security
siteground security 1

In addition to the integrated security features that we already mentioned, you can get a lot of other security features that can help you protect your data and your users.

  • Spam tools, including Spam-Assassin and SpamExperts, to protect your site from spammers
  • The ability to block certains IP addresse (very useful if you have been subject to an attack)
  • A free SSL certificates (available with certain plan)
  • HackAlert, at $ 1 / months add-on that will notify you immediately if your website is under attack
  • Leech Protect, a feature that allows administrators of your site to prevent users from giving or publishing their password or login information siteground review
  • Its free SiteCheck tool allows you to quickly and easily check your site for malware to make sure your visitors are protected

Security is taken seriously, and that is a great professional, especially if your site has an e-commerce store or collects private information from users.

Customer Service

If you’r an expert web developer, you may have little need for customer service. However, for the rest of us, it is important to know that we can get the help we need when we need it.

siteground support is fast
siteground support is fast

SiteGround customer support is truly incomparable . As mentioned above, you can access live chat or 24/7 phone support. You will be notified immediately the number of customers ahead and, in most cases, waiting times are minimal, siteground reviews

The same applies to the placement of a support ticket through its website. Their customer service representatives are friendly, helpful and patient, which makes them a particularly good option for people and small businesses that need some support.

Free site migration

Website migration is a major nuisance when it come to changing web hosts. One of the many goods things about SiteGround hosting is its free website transfer service .

This service applies not only to WordPress websites, but also other CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal, and of course unique websites and static HTML websites as well.

Siteground reviews Your transfer service includes a free transfer of a website (regardless of size), as well as the transfer of emails, FTP accounts, additional domains for (for accounts managed with cPanel).

siteground website transfer support
siteground website transfer support
  1. Sign up for SiteGround hosting
  2. Log in to your customer area
  3. Click on the Support tab
siteground website transfer
siteground website transfer

Scroll down to the “Website setup wizard” section.

siteground site transfer
siteground site transfer

Complete the website migration form and wait for them to contact you. You will be surprised to know that the process of transferring your WordPress site to SiteGround is completed in just 24-48 hours.

For your information …

They have just launched a new tool that allows you to easily transfer a WordPress site from any other hosting provider to them. They call it the SiteGround Migrator .

siteground migrator
siteground migrator

Simply install your new Migrator plug-in on your WordPress website to get started. After doing that, they will be automatically transfer your entire WordPress website to the destination domain and the folder you specified above. Learn more about this tool here .

Cloudflare CDN with one click activation

The Cloudflare CDN is included free of charge with all plans, and in the cPanel you can activated Cloudflare in just 1 click .

WordPress recommendation using a CDN like Cloudflare in your speed optimization guide .

With just one click on the “activate” button, the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) will cache the content of your website and distribute it to multiple data centers worldwide.

cloudflare siteground cpanel
cloudflare siteground cpanel

Next, navigate to the Configuration Tab and set the Cloudflare configuration to aggressive caching , static resource minification , and activate rail cannon to accelerate the connection between Cloudflare and the server. Doing all this will gives your site faster loading times.

cloudflare siteground cpanel settings
cloudflare siteground cpanel settings


Siteground review – No web hosting company is perfects, and there are some disadvantages to consider before making the decision to use SiteGround hosting as your web hosting provider.

➡ Data storage limits

The first negative is that they have quite low limits on the amount of data you can store on your site.

Siteground reviews There are certainly good reasons for these limitations. The more data clients store on their shared hosting servers, the more likely they are to experience slow server load and response times.

However, people who have heavy image / video sites may have a problem with their storage limitations. They range from 10GB at the lower end to 30GB at the upper end. That could be enough for most text-based sites.

The only solution to this particular problem is to make your best estimate about how much storage you will need to keep your site running and then see if one of the plans can meet your storage needs.

  • Start-up: 10GB storage (fine for most non-CMS / noWordPress powered sites)
  • GrowBig: 20GB storage (fine for WordPress / Joomla / Drupal controlled sites)
  • GoGeek: 30GB Storage (It’s fine for e-commerce, as well as WordPress / Joomla / Drupal controlled sites)

➡ Excessive use of resources

They have something they call a monthly Assignment of “CPU seconds per account . Siteground reviews ” Basically, this limits the amount of resources your site can use per month. The potential problem here is that if you exceed this limit regularly, you may put your site on hold until next month when your monthly allowance is restored.

siteground resource usage
siteground resource usage

They describe the monthly resource limits in the details of your plan:

  • Start: Suitable for ~ 10,000 visits per month
  • GrowBig: Suitable for ~ 25,000 visits per month
  • GoGeek: Suitable for ~ 100,000 visits per month

However, you should keep in mind that an overuse freeze can occur well below the 100k visit limit in the GoGeek plan. So, if your website attracts considerable traffic, say more than 3,000 visitors per day, even the GoGeek plan might not work for you.

Siteground reviews that I would say that if you receive thousands of visitors to your site per day, you should stay away from shared hosting plans, since it is better with a cloud or VPS hosting plan (they come with many more resources).


They offer three different plans for their shared hosting service; Start, GrowBig, and GoGeek.


siteground startup plan review
siteground startup plan review

The startup plan starts at just $ 3.95 per month .

  • Only on the website of 1
  • ~ 10,000 monthly visits
  • 10GB web space
  • Essential Features:
  • SSD storage
  • Free setup and site transfer
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 99.9 percent uptime guaranteed
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Unlimited bandwidth, emails, databases
  • Free SSL and HTTP / 2
  • Free daily backups
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • SuperCacher Static Cache Only
  • PHP7 + OpCache
  • WordPress and Joomla tools
  • Access to cPanel and SSH

Siteground reviews StartUp is a pretty fantastic entry level plan for beginners, but you can only host a website with this plan.


siteground growbig plan review
siteground growbig plan review

In addition to the standard features that you get in the StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan gives you a premium WordPress caching, premium support, daily backups and access to a premium site backup and restore service. Your first year of Wildcard SSL certificate is also included for free.

The Siteground reviews GrowBig Plan starts at $ 5.95 per month .

  • Hosting unlimited websites
  • ~ 25,000 visits monthly
  • 20GB web space
  • All essentials + premium features:
  • Dynamic SuperCacher and memcache cache
  • 30 daily backups
  • Priority support
  • SSD storage
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Backup and restoration service
  • 2x server resources
  • 2x Database Resources
  • 2x Mail Resources

GrowBig is the plan with which I recommend that you register. You can host several websites and get more resources than 2x (resulting in a faster loading website) than the startup plan.


siteground gogeek plan review
siteground gogeek plan review

With the siteground reviews GoGeek plans, you get all the benefits of the StartUp and GrowBig plans, in addition to the geek and 4x features plus resources compared to the Start-Up plan.

The siteground review GoGeek Plan start at $ 11.95 per months .

  • Hosting unlimited websites
  • ~ 100,000 visits monthly
  • 30GB web space
  • All essential and premium + geeky features:
  • Dynamic SuperCacher and memcache cache
  • 1-click WordPress staging
  • SG-Git for creating repositories.
  • Git pre-installed
  • Free PCI Compliance
  • Premium backup and restoration service
  • 4x server resources
  • 4x database resources
  • 4x mail resources

The GoGeek plan is for web-sites with a lot of traffic or resource intensive use. It comes with 4x servers faster than StartUp hosting plans.

siteground prices
siteground prices


What plan should I get? That is whats this section aims to help you discover …

The main differences between the plans is that with startup you can only host the website of 1. GrowBig comes with more the server resources (= faster loading of the website), it also gets priority support, daily backups of 30 (in place of only 1 with StartUp) and dynamic caching (instead of only static caching with StartUp siteground reviews).

The GoGeek plan comes with four times more server resources and can create a trial site. You also get premium web-site backup and restore services, as well as free PCI compliance.

Want to know what are the key differences between StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek packages?

Here is a comparison of StartUp Plan vs. GrowBig and GrowBig Plan vs. Gogeek .

Siteground reviews StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plans are reasonably priced, but more expensive plans include more server resources.

SiteGround StartUp Review vs. Growbig

All SiteGround hosting plans are reasonably priced, but the Startup Plan is the cheapest plan offered. This is the entry level plan and it comes with the least resources and features . I think the startup plan is best suited for those who need to have only one website, such as a personal website or a small business or blog.

A key difference between the StartUp and GrowBig plan is that with the previous plan you are only allowed to host a website (With the GrowBig plan you can host unlimited websites). If you intend to run several websites in your hosting account, the Startup plan must be a no-no.

In contrast, the GrowBig Plan is more suitable for small business owners and bloggers who use WordPress because you have 2x more server resources and many more features compared to the startup plan.

Siteground reviews GrowBig allows you to host multiple websites , use the Supercacher Technology for static, dynamic and memcache caching (StartUp only offers static), and get a free wildcard SSL certificate . Another feature that the startup plan lacks is the backup and restore functionality. The GrowBig plan comes with basic backup & restore services .

Another key difference is that with the Start-Up plan you only get standard support, compared to the GrowBig premium support . So, if you think you will need some support from your friendly, fast and expert support team, then you should opt for the GrowBig plan.

siteground growbig plan review
siteground growbig plan review

You should consider selecting the GrowBig plan if:

  • You want to host more than one website in your hosting account
  • You want 2x more server resources (that is, a faster loading website)
  • You want 30 daily backups instead of the daily backup you get with StartUp
  • You want premium support instead of the standard support that comes with StartUp
  • You want 20GB of web storage instead of the 10GB that comes with siteground review StartUp
  • You want to access your basic backup and restore service.
  • You wants static, dynamic and memcache caching instead of the static caching that comes with StartUp
  • You want a free wildcard SSL certificates for the first year

SiteGround GrowBig review vs. GoGeek

A key difference between the GrowBig vs GoGeek plan is the additional server resources that only come with the latter. GoGeek comes with the 4x more server resources and fewer users who share server resources . This means that you get a fast loading website when you opt for the GoGeek plan.

Another difference between the plans is that the additional “geeky” features that are obtained only with the GoGeek Plan . Siteground reviews One of those features is site staging environments , which allows you to copy your site live or try new codes and designs before posting changes to your live site. Another feature is Git, which comes preinstalled. That allows you to create repositories of your website.

Finally, GoGeek comes with its free Premium Website Backup and Restore Services and PCI compliance to help safeguard your e-commerce site.

siteground gogeek plan review

You should be consider choosing the GoGeek plan if:

  • You want to 4x more server resources (i.e. a fast loading website) and fewer users who share server resources
  • You want test environments to copy your site live or try a new code and design before posting changes to your live site
  • You want to 30GB of web storage instead of the 20GB that comes with GrowBig
  • You want free PCI compliance so that your e-commerce site is fully compatible with PCI
  • You want Git preinstalled so you can create repositories of your website
  • You want your premium backup and restore service, instead of the basic service that comes with GrowBig


Now you can know what plans they offer and, hopefully, you are now in a better position to choose the best shared hosting plan for your needs. Remember that you can always upgrade to a higher plan later.

Based on my own experiences, here is my own recommendation for you:

  • I recommend that you register with the Startup Plan if you intend to run a simple static or HTM site
  • I recommend that you register with the GrowBig Plan (this is the plan I am using) if you intend to run a WordPress, Joomla or any site with CMS technology .
  • I recommend that you register with the GoGeek Plan if you intend to run an e-commerce site or if you need WordPress / Joomla staging and Git features.


Here you will be find answers to some of the most common questions.

What is

SiteGround reviews it is a web-hosting company that offers a range of services, from shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS and reseller hosting, to dedicated servers and business hosting. SiteGround was founded in 2004 and hosts more than 800,000 domains name worldwide. The company are independently owned (SiteGround is NOT owned by EIG) and is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, and has data centers in Chicago, London, Amsterdam and Singapore. They have an A rating of BBB . The official website is . Read more on his Wikipedia page .

Does SiteGround hosting have a money back guarantee?

Yes. They offer a money back guarantee of 30. You can cancel your services within the first 30 days and you will be receive a full refund. The money back guarantee does not cover domain names, the cloud or the hosting of dedicated servers.

What payment methods does SiteGround accept?

They accept payments through credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, and you can even pay through PayPal (however, you must contact for help in obtaining the PayPal payment link). Payment can be made for one, two or three years in advance. You can also pay monthly, however, paying monthly incurs an installation fee.

Can I choose a data center location?

Yes, when registering, you can choose the location of your preferred data center. They have data centersin Chicago, London, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Does SiteGround offer free web-site migration?

Yes, they will migrate an existing website for you, free of charge, no matter how small or large your site is. And they will do it without any downtime. Its site migration service includes all kinds of websites, including WordPress and websites powered by Joomla. Submit your website migration request in your Customer Area. If you need to additional help, they provide 24/7 support for your site to function quickly.

Will SiteGround make backup copies of my website?

Yes, the Home plan includes a backup of the site per day and the GrowBig and GoGeek plans make 30-day backups of your website. GrowBig and GoGeek also include a site restore service with click of 1. You can also create manual backups through cPanel at any time.

What is the SiteGround uptime guarantee?

SiteGround hosting guarantees an uptime of 99.99% . If they do not provide this, then they will provide you with an account credit. You can control the uptime within your customer area.

How can I contact Siteground support?

If you have any problems with your website or need billing or account assistance, you can contact them 24/7. They provide help for the incorporation of new accounts, free website transfers and ongoing assistance at any time via email / tickets (minimum response time of 10), live chat (instant response time) or telephone (instant response time). Their telephone numbers are 1.866.605.2484 (USA), 44.800.8620379 (United Kingdom), 61.1800.357221 (AU), 34.900.838.543 (Spain) or 1.800.828.9231 (rest of the world).

Do you offer SiteGround SSL and CDN?

Yes. All plans come with a free SSL certificates. The StartUp plan includes a free Let’s Let’s Encrypt SSL, while the GrowBig and GoGeek plans come with a free Wildcard SSL certificate. The free CloudFlare CDN is also included with all plans.

Is SiteGround good for WordPress hosting?

Yes. All plans come with the fully managed WordPress hosting which means automatic WordPress main updates and patches, automatic WordPress installation in the account settings, features such as the SuperCacher caching add-on, site staging and transfer service. 100% free sites.

Besides that. They have been voted the # 1 WordPress hosting for two years in a row now (# 1 in the 2017 survey and # 1 in the 2016 WPhosting Facebook Group survey). And it is well be recognized for use in different countries at local level, such as Australia and in the United Kingdom .

Does SiteGround hosting come with solid state drives (SSD)?

Yes. All plans come with SSD. SSD, in additions to NGINX, PHP7 and HTTP / 2 will ensure that your site loads very fast.

Do I need the SG Site Scanner?

If you want extra protection. The SG Site Scanner (formerly called HackAlert) is powered by Sucuri and is an early malware detection and warning system to protect your site and costs $ 19.80 / year.

Are the SiteGround reviews on Reddit and Quora reliable?

Yes, Quora and Reddit are good places to read comments from real people and customers about them. You can find good reviews of SiteGround on Reddit , and on Quora . You can also read comments on Yelp and TrustPilot

What is the best SiteGround alternative?

SiteGround is the web server I use for this site and is the web hosting company that I recommend. But if you are researching web servers (what I recommend you do) and are looking for good alternatives to SiteGround, here is my list of competitors. I think the best alternatives to SiteGround are A2 Hosting (almost identical features but offers technologies speed server somewhat faster / better) and Accommodation in Motion (again, almost the same features but comes with a domain name free and 90-day refund policy). Bluehost is also an obvious SiteGround alternatives, Bluehost Review here

Where can I find a SiteGround coupons code?

You would not find one because they don’t have the options to enter a promotion code. So, if you found a SiteGround hosting coupons code online, then it is false. However, they run several promotions (usually during major holidays like Black Friday ) as it is the only time they offer promotions and discounted prices.

How much does SiteGround hosting cost?

SiteGround hosting offers three shared hosting plans. , the cheapest start-up plan is $ 3.95, GrowBig is $ 5.95 per month and GoGeek is $ 11.95 per month. They also have cloud hosting plans 4. The Entrance plan is $ 80 per month, Company is $ 120 per month, Business Plus is $ 160 per month and Super Power is $ 240 per month. Go to their website here To learn more about their plans and features.

siteground hosting review
siteground hosting review pros and cons


They offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and business hosting plans. SiteGround web hosting is “carefully designed” to ensure maximum server speed, unmatched security and fast and expert 24/7 support. These are the main reasons why SiteGround hosting is a good web server to register .


All your web hosting plans come with the latest speed technologies like SSD, NGINX, HTTP / 2, PHP7 and Cloudflare CDN units for free . In other words, if you host your web-site with them, it will load super fast!


They take security seriously and offers unique security solutions, such as free daily backup and restore of the site, malware analysis and DDOS protection and SSL certificate . Get the best security & backup services using your internal technology solutions!


They offer ease of use. WordPress managed hosting in all your plans, which automatically means WordPress main updates and patches, automatically WordPress installation in the account settings, in addition to features such as the SuperCacher Caching Add-in, site storage and transfer service 100% free site . They also offer WooCommerce managed hosting on PCI-compatible servers. No wonder supports them!


They provide industry leader Help for the incorporation of new accounts, free website transfers and continuous assistance and assistance at any time. By phone, chat or email. No wonder they get a customer satisfaction percentage close to 100%.

So … Do I recommend SiteGround?

Yes, I highly recommend SiteGround.

Especially now that I use SiteGround hosting now (I’m in the GrowBig plan). Because remember, not too long ago I decided to move this site to them .

They offer a very affordable & reliable web hosting service for your website.

They have leaders in the industry and impressive levels of uptime, fast servers, strong security features and excellent customer service that get out of competition in the rearview mirror .

The few inconveniences of choosing them as your web hosting provider, in my opinion, are far superior to the benefits.

As long as your site does not exceed resource limits, you can be sure that your site will load quickly, be available when you need it and be safe to protect your data and the privacy of your visitors.

If you are still sitting on the fence on SiteGround, take advantage of your 30-day money-back guarantee , which means you can “Try them” and if you are not happy, we will refund your money.

SiteGround offers excellent hosting comes with additional features and, generally, they are not the cheapest web host there is.

However, their prices at this time coincide with some of the cheapest accommodation competitors in the business (from only $ 3.95 per month, below $ 11.95 per month).

NOVEMBER 2018 UPDATE: I am no longer using SiteGround hosting to host this website. Now I am with clouds . I was not unhappy with SiteGround or anything, it’s just that Cloudways can handle performance better as this website continues to grow.

 FTC Disclosure: To get the cheapest price possible, I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase through my SiteGround review links.

By clicking on this link, you can host your website for only $ 3.95 per month (below $ 11.95 per month ).

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