My list of advantages and disadvantages of 6 regarding the use of WP Engine review WordPress hosting services

WP Engine review that provides managed WordPress hosting for websites all over the world that offers incredible support and business class hosting optimized for WordPress. But is WP-Engine the best option for you?

As an owner of an online business that seeks to scale and succeed, you must find ways to save time, increase site security and ensure that your users have the best possible experience while browsing your site. That’s why so many WordPress site owners love WP Engine review .

Wp engine reviews especially its renowned speed technologies . Because WP-Engine has been become the first managed WordPress host to adopt the newest Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, Virtual Machines (VM) with computer optimization (C2) .

WP Engine now offer performance that is 40% faster . This adds to the software optimizations that have resulted in a 15% platform performance improvement.



So is WP Engine good? WPEngine is by far one of the uses best managed WordPress web Hosting Solution on the market today. They take the security, speeds and performance of their website seriously, and they don’t stop communicating when it comes to customer service wp engine reviews


  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Free access to the Genesis Framework and 35 + StudioPress themes
  • Integrated development, staging and production environments.
  • Free backups and built-in EverCache caching (no need for separate caching add-ons)
  • SSL and free CDN (StackPath integration)
  • Business grade WordPress security (DDoS detection, hardware firewalls and more)
  • 24/7 support from WordPress experts


  • Does not include email hosting
  • Premium prices are not for everyone

WP-Engine’s speeds technology is the key feature that customers like best.

wp engine reviews twitter
wp engine reviews twitter

In this WP Engine Review I will take a close look at the pros and cons and take my own speed test to help you decide before signing up with them for your WordPress site.

By clicking on this link, you can host your WordPress website for only $ 25 per month (usually $ 30 / month) when you pay annually.


1. The pros

Here I get into what your pros are , because there are a lot of positive aspects, especially around the three S web hosting; Speed security and support .

2. The cons

They do many things well, but as with all the services (hosting) that exist, not everything is perfect, here I cover what their cons are .

3. Plans and prices

Here I go through their differents plans and prices and what are the features that are included with their different plans.

4. Is WP Engine good?

Finally, I will summarize things in a summary and let you know if WordPress are managed hosting service I recommend .

Managed WordPress Hosting is the premium service designed not only to host your site data and deliver it to site visitors quickly, but also to help site owners manage the tedious tasks involved in running a website that is growing , wp engine reviews

Although each WordPress managed host has a different set of features, the main focus should be Site speed, performance, customer service and security wp engine review

wp engine reviews
wp engine reviews

So, let’s see how they are measured in this WPEngine review.


Established in 2010 in Austin, Texas, WP-Engine set out to provide specialized services. WordPress hosting such as WordPress The content management system continued to prove to be the most popular blogging platform available wp engine reviews

Built on a world-class network infrastructure, integrating with the best technology partners such as Google, AWS and New Relic, it is a private company with 18 data centers worldwide.

WPEngine believes in the power of open source. They have built their own WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that works with open source technologies 30 wp engine reviews

But are they the best managed? WordPress hosting solution today? Let’s take a look and see.


Many factors influence the reason why your website, regardless of its size, will load quickly and will perform well at all times. Luckily, WP Engine is above all.

The importance of “speed” cannot be underestimated, and this is what they have to say about it:

Having a fast loading website is essential today, what speed technology does WP Engine use?

Site speed is an important differentiator for WP-Engine. It is one of the key features of our platform that distinguishes us from our competitors. The technology behind this includes one-click CDN integration, our custom NGINX extension and SSD technology. The CDN dramatically reduces the waiting time for assets and ensures that resources are released for important requests. The NGINX integration offers a better experience for its visitors by prioritizing human requests over automated system requests. And SSD technology works to avoid RAM saturation and improves the representation of the backend. For a deeper dive into our technology stack, wp engine reviews .

From a general infrastructure point of view, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to provide customers with a range of enterprise-level solutions that provide fast, scalable, highly available and secure experience. In addition, having high quality partners likes these allows us to provide data centers in a wide variety of locations: 18 total . This global presence give us the ability to serve more customers locally, where they see as a result greater performance and speed improvements. wp engine reviews

CDN service

They have the partnered with StackPath ( formerly MaxCDN ) to gives all of their customers access to content delivery services. The use of a CDN can dramatically reduce latency and improve site speed, since servers around the world work together to deliver site content to users based on their geographic location. CDN is free with all plans.

WP Engine EverCache Technology

They have to built one of the most scalable WordPress architectures ever called EverCache – to deliver speed and handle traffic spikes on all websites they host without any downtime

To make this happen, customers use a combination of CDN services, aggressive caching by EverCache and response updates whenever something new happens on their website. In other words, your site delivers fast content to people around the world, caches all static content and even updates your site every time you make a change.

wp engine caching
wp engine caching

Page cache, Memcached and object cache (must be enabled in the user portal) comes all built-in and can be easily purged from inside your WordPress administrative area wp engine reviews

WPEngine aggressively caches everything from pages to feeds to 301 redirects in subdomains; This causes your site to load at the speed of light.

WP engine page performance tool

In the User Portal, all clients have access to the page performance tools. To uses it, all you have to do enter the URL of your site and see how well it is working.

wp engine speed test
wp engine speed test

Here is a breakdown of the type of data this tool provides:

  • Recommendations to improve the speed and performance of the site.
  • Number of seconds it took the browser to display the first object on the screen wp engine reviews
  • Average times it takes for all visible parts of your site to appear on the screen
  • Number of resources requested by the analyzed web page ( Including resources such as images, fonts, HTML and scripts )
  • Total file size of all items transferred from your page to the user’s browser

I think the recommendations alone are really clear. They save you the time of having to use third-party tool such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and offer many additional resources to help explain the recommendations for those who do not understand.

wp engine speed recommendations
wp engine speed recommendations

Finally, WP-Engine comes prepared for PHP 7.2 and even offers everyone, whether they use their hosting or not, access to their exclusive WP Engine Speed ​​Tool ( although you do have to provide an email address to get results, which may not be suitable for some ) wp engine reviews

wp engine speed test tool
wp engine speed test tool

My own speed test

Here I wanted to see that how fast WPE loads, without using its own speed test tools.

I created a WordPress website hosted on WP Engine’s $ 25 per month Plan (paid annually), then went ahead and installed the free version of GeneratePress Theme with some fictional content blog posts and pages.

So how fast is the WP engine? Well, really fast really …

wp engine gtmetrix test
wp engine gtmetrix test

According to GTmetrix, my website is fully loaded in just 0.8 seconds . No more manual performance optimization were needed, thanks to the built-in page caching, Memcached and object caching.

I also wanted to see that how their performance was kept under some stress, so I ran a Load Impact Test simulating 30 active visitors arriving at the site for a 3 minute period.

wp engine load impact
wp engine load impact

Wp engine reviews – What this graph shows is that when the number of visitors increases (the green line), the page load times (the blue line) remain fixed around 40 milliseconds (the green line).

That is a really good thing because it means that more visitors who arrive at the site do not lead to any performance drop.


Wp engine reviews – it knows how to important site security is, especially for websites that are scaling. That is why they offer their customers a number of premium security features designed to protect your site data.

  • Threat detection and blocking. Your platform inspects all site traffic, searches for suspicious patterns and automatically blocks malicious attacks.
  • Web applications. Web applications attack that occur in both WordPress and the nginx layer are identified and patched immediately, before they negatively affect your website.
  • WordPress Core. The WP-Engine team of experts has all WordPress community in mind, whether they use their managed hosting services or not. If a WordPress core patch develops, the WordPress community is released for consideration. wp engine reviews
  • WordPress Add- ons WP Engine does not handle the installations and updates of the add-ons, so you maintain control over the design and functionality of your website. That said, the WP Engine add-on developers are attentive to the vulnerabilities of the add-ons so that their customers are not victims of malicious activities.
  • Automated patches and updates. They automatically patch the WordPress core, so you don’t have to worry about vulnerabilities.
  • Automatic backups. In case something happens to your website, WP Engine has a backup of your site that is easy to restore. In fact, they make daily backups and have a one-click restore option.

In addition to all this, WP-Engine offers prevention against DDoS attacks, brute force attempts and JavaScript / SQL injection attacks. In addition, they are known for working with third-party security firms to perform routine code reviews and security audits to make sure everything is up to date.

And the best part? If your WordPress website is hacked, they will fix it for free.


WP Engine is known for having excellent customer service. In fact, they have more than 200 experts in 24/7/365 service to provide customers with personalized customer service.

There are three global support locations for someone to be available at all times. And to top it all, the support team not only helps you with your hosting problems. They are also WordPress experts who can help you to diagnose problems and recommend site optimizations , wp engine reviews

You can access to someone in support through the following channels:

  • Live chat support 24 hours a day for any sales questions you may have
  • 24/7 telephone support for sales questions
  • User portal supports for any technical hosting or WordPress issues
  • A dedicated Billing Support section to address your account concerns
  • A general knowledge base articles on a variety of topics.

The support team has a live chat response time of less than 3 per minute and a strong Net Promoter score of 82, which shows that customer happiness is their main objective.

And to test them wp engine reviews, I contacted the support team in an early 4: 45 am and, indeed, in about 30 seconds, someone was there to answer my questions.

wp engine chat support
wp engine chat support

The team member I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable, and was happy to answer any questions I had.

Speaking of customer …

WP Engine offers a range of unique feature, which feature or tool do your customers love most?

The WP-Engine product portfolio has grown considerably in recent years. In fact, we have just launched our advanced high-performance security solution, Global Edge Security . Depending on the client, you can see different preferences for different tools. For example, clients on dedicated servers really enjoy access to the SSH gateway. Wp engine reviews On the smaller side of shared plans, independent agencies and developers always praise the ease of development and production environments on our platform, with our unconditional transferable installation feature that is a highlight.

Our actionable insight tools, such as Page Performance and Content Performance are always a hit. In general, however, our most popular tool would be Application Performance . It provides code level visibility to help teams solve problems faster, optimize their WordPress experiences, and increase development agility. It gives the IT development and operation teams the visibility they need to build and maintain excellent WordPress digital experiences


Almost everything managed WordPress Hosting companies offer customers guarantees of some kind. After all, guarantee are a great way to instill confidence in those who do not yet know and love a company.

They offer the following guarantees:

  • 99.95% guaranteed server uptime and 99.99% server uptime for those with improved SLA ( excluding justified downtime, such as scheduled or emergency maintenance, beta services and even force majeure events )
  • While this is not perfect, they have a great article Explaining the uptime, the reality behind the mysterious 100% uptime guarantees, and what questions should you ask a potential web server.
  • Money back guarantee of 60 day on all plans except custom

You can also argue that WP-Engine guarantees the security of the site, as they will repair your pirated site. free , which for the major attack can cost a company thousands of dollars to diagnose and clean wp engine reviews


One of the most favored feature offered to all customers, regardless of their hosting plan, is the staging of the website.

A test site is really a cloned version of your real website where you can safely test development, design and content changes.

wpengine staging area
wpengine staging area

This feature offers many benefits such as:

  • Easy setup setup with a click on the WordPress dashboard ( or the User Portal )
  • An independent clones of your website to test themes, add-ons and custom codes without fear of breaking something and experiencing downtime
  • The ability to detect errors in design or functionality before your site is activated.
  • Local or online configuration for your convenience
  • Easy site transfer between scenarios and live environments.

If your team works together to create WordPress sites for customers, or you simply want to try some things on your own website, creating, developing and managing a test environment with the WP Engine trial environment is super simple.


This is a monstrous offer if you ask me.

WP-Engine is recently acquired StudioPress and all customers have access to the Genesis Framework and 35 premium StudioPress WordPress themes are included in their Home, Growth, Scale, Premium and Enterprise plan subscriptions.

wp engine studiopress
wp engine studiopress

StudioPress themes, powered by Genesis Framework , make it easy for WP Engine customers to quickly create beautiful professional WordPress sites. All themes are optimized for search engines, fast loading with security features locked (I know because this site is built in the Genesis Framework).

This is what they have to say about the acquisition of StudioPress:

The acquisition of StudioPress by WP Engine surprised many, why did you decide to acquire StudioPress?

An important approach for WP Engine has been, and continues to be, to contribute to the WordPress community. In fact, it is another of our values: Committed to return. Our commitments in time, money, writing, coding and thought leadership totaled more than $ 1.7 million in 2018 so far. The acquisition of StudioPress is the next level for us in these community return efforts. As WP-Engine progresses more and more, we have the resources to help Marco Genesis grow and prosper. In fact, 15% of all our customer are using Genesis, with 25% of our largest customers using it. As a company, it is a framework with which we are already very familiar. this my wp engine review

In this the words of our founder, Jason Cohen, ” We see the opportunity to invest in Genesis to evolve and continue to serve the community that depends on it. This will included investing in the engineering efforts behind the framework, investing in the creation of new themes.

and invest in the economy of the framework and in the partners that make products that support and trust him. “With that in mind, we believes that the acquisition will benefit both WP Engine and WordPress community and truly exemplify our aspirations as a company to give back .


WP Engine has its drawbacks, as do even the best things in life.

Let’s take a look to see if they are things that will make you want to go with another WordPress hosting provider.


They only offer hosting services to their clients, which means that there are no domain name registrations available.

This is not only inconvenient ( because you will have to acquire a domain name using a third-party company ), there is no incentive to use your hosting plans to obtain a free domain name registration.

In addition, you cannot host your email services with WP-Engine. Although some people prefer to host their emails on third-party platforms in case host servers are deactivated, others will not like this.

You must obtain a separate email hosting, for example G suite (formerly Google Apps) from $ 5 per month per email address, or Rackspace from $ 2 per month per email address.


As we mentioned earlier, WP Engine is rhe convinced that your infrastructure has everything you need to keep your site safe and running quickly. As a result, they have to compiled a list of unauthorized Plugins that are known to cause a problem with their internal services.

You can see a list full of add- ons not allowed here . Meanwhile, here are some of the best known rejected add-ons:

  • Add-on cache such as WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache , WP File Cache and WordFence. For your information WP Rocket is allowed / works.
  • Backups of add-ons such as WP DB Backup and BackupWordPress
  • Related publications plugins like YARPP and similar publications
  • Broken Link Checker
  • EWWW Image Optimizer ( unless you use the Cloud version )

The problem with this is that many people like to have control in the WordPress control panel over things like site security, backups, image optimization and even site speed using a caching add-on.

And, while WP-Engine claims that they handle all this for you, some people may not be ready to give up all control and give up using their favorite add-ons hoping that WP Engine has them covered at all times.


Again, although it may not be a decisive factor, many people looking for a hosting provider are accustomed and prefer the traditional cPanel to manage their accounts and websites.

WP Engine, however, has a proprietary User Portal. That seems intuitive to use.

wp engine control panel
wp engine control panel

But for those who don’t want to deal with something new, the User Portal could prevent them from using them wp engine review

On top of that, the User Portal shows the number of visitors, the bandwidth and the storage you have used, which seems like a good thing. right?

Well, it’s until you realize that all available hosting plans have visitors, bandwidth and storage limits, that not all hosting providers ( managed or otherwise ) do


Although this is may seem minor to some, I found the site a bit difficult to navigate . While there is a lot of information that explains everything, I wish there was a simpler design wp engine review

In fact, some of its best features were hidden in the support articles, which made them difficult to find. Not to mention that I had to read a lot more content than I would have liked to find simple answers to the things I wanted to know about hosting managed by WP-Engine.

However, I have to say that when you register and access the backend, everything is very well designed, simple and easy to understand wp engine review


WPEngine has 3 WordPress managed hosting plans to choose from unless you need a custom plan, in which you will have to contact the team to create.

wp engine plans
wp engine plans

Each plans come with a set of specific features that you can see in its entirety here . However, let’s take a look at each plan and the main features that each one has so you can see the differences:


The Startup Plan is perfect for those who have lower WordPress websites but still need the benefits that managed hosting provides.

Here are the key feature of this plan:

  • 1 WordPress website
  • Up to 25K visits per month
  • 10GB of local storage
  • 50GB of bandwidth per month
  • Free site migrations
  • Global CDN
  • Automated SSL Certificate
  • Page Performance Tools
  • 24/7 live chat supports


The Growth Plans is designed for those with WordPress web-sites that continue to see more traffic, or at least intend to do so in the near future.

Here are the key feature of this plan:

  • 5 WordPress websites
  • Up to 100K visits per month
  • 20GB of local storage
  • 200GB of bandwidth per month

It also has everything else that the Startup plan has, in addition to imported SSL certificates and 24/7 phone support.


The Scale Plan is for large WordPress web-sites that need managed hosting services to help them stay organized and successful, wp engine review

Here are the key feature of this plan:

  • 15 WordPress websites
  • Up to 400K visits per month
  • 30GB of local storage
  • 400GB of bandwidth per month

It also has everythings else the growth plan has.

In addition, they are recently acquired StudioPress, all customers have full access to the Genesis premium framework and over 35+ premium themes, which is a steal of a deal if you ask me .


Here are the answers to fews of the most frequently asked questions:

What kind of hosting plans are available with WPEngine? All hosting plans are managed. WordPress hosting. Its price differs depending on the number of websites, bandwidth, storage and the number of expected visitors per month.

What type of control panel is used? Custom WP-Engine user portal.

Why does WordPress media hosting manage? In summary, managed WordPress hosting means that your hosting provider takes care of things like site security, speed, updates and backups so you don’t have to.

What happens if my web-site exceeds the number of visits allowed in my plan? WP Engine is the very clear about how many website visitors can visit a website per month, while taking into account that sudden traffic spikes can occur. Depending on your web hosting plan, you will receive an excess charge based on the number of exceeded visits that your site has experienced. For more information, check out detailed explanation here .

Will I received an SSL certificates? Yes, all domains hosted by WP-Engine received a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate program and enjoy a 1-click installation made in the User Portal. There are also others types of premium SSL certificates availables.

Can I host an email account? No, WPEngine does’t host email services on its platform. However, they do have some third-party solutions that may work for you.

Does WP Engine offer a website creator? No, they only offer WordPress hosting services. That said, they provide all customers access to the Page Performance Tool in the User Portal to control the speed and performance of the site. They are also give customers the Genesis Framework and more than 35 StudioPress themes for free, so they create WordPress The website is a piece of cake.

What kinds of customer service can I expect with WP Engine? All customers have to access to live chat supports all day, every day. As you are invest in more expensive plans, you receive 24/7 telephone assistance and access to personalized assistance to optimize your site wp engine review

What kind of guarantee are there? WP-Engine offers a 99.95% uptime guarantees, as well as a 60 money back guarantee.

Is there a coupons code for WP Engine? If you use the WPEngine wpe3free coupon code and get 4 months free (or 20% discount on your first month in monthly plans).


WPEngine is the far one of the best managed WordPress Hosting Solutions in today’s market. They take safety, speed and performance. from your website seriously, and don’t stop arriving when it comes to customer service .

This is what they have to says about the three hosting S:

What distinguishes WP Engine from the competition when it comes to the three S of the hosting: speed, security and support?

Speed – WP Engine works exclusively with the WordPress, which means that our platform is fully optimized to deliver fast and secure WordPress experiences. And as mentioned earlier, we use a combination of custom technologies to ensure high levels of site performance. All this works in harmony to achieve an average page load

improvement of 38% when changing from other web hosting providers. The WPEngine platform is also designed to scale, so there is no reduction in speed as customer sites and commercial scales.

Security – At the WP-Engine, our mission is to help our customers win online. We know that our clients’ sites represent their businesses, their livelihoods. They trust us to protects them from attacks. As a results of our security layer, we block more than 150 million incorrect requests each month. We proactively block numerous web application attacks, provide security maintenance and create unique add-ons / patches for vulnerable clients and automatically update customer sites with the latest security updates wp engine review

Support – Our support team is a bright beacon within the company. We maintain a world-class NPS rating of 86 along with the Gold Stevie Gold-back-to-back 3 awards for customer service to prove it (more on that by clicking here ) The team offers the best every day in an effort to serve to the professional growth of our clients, and it shows in the comments we receive from them. This mentality is very much in line with one of our core values: Inspired by the client.

That said, their plans are a bit expensive on the high side , which is not useful for those with limited budgets. However, for those who plan to scale their businesses in the near future, or are already generating a lot of income, the high price is worth it for the services they provide and the peace of mind that your site is safe and always working, wp engine review

If you are looking for a very premium WordPress hosting provider management, I suggest you check out WPEngine . With features like EverCache built solution, the Performance Tool page , Automatic daily backups , security monitoring and CDN never have to worry about their ability to scale and provide visitors to the site the best possible experience.

By clicking on this link, you can host your WordPress site for only $ 25 per month (usually $ 30 per month) when paid annually.

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